Bzzzzzz. What Have I Gotten Myself Into?!!????

Long story short: We have 2 beehives now.

Long story long:

In late October about 18 months ago we got some screaming deals on some trees. That moved us to look for some more and before April of 2013 we had planted 10 new trees 8 of which were fruit trees with more to come. For a while now I have been noticing blossoms on things that end up not producing anything. I mentioned that if we were going to have this many fruit trees maybe we should find a way to get some bees to pollinate them. Now, I had in mind figuring out a way to attract some native Mason bees, but my wife who didn’t work with the USU Bee Lab only knows about honey bees. She went all about getting honey bees. However, by the time we finally decided that bees were going to happen it was too late to get bees. So that started the planning stages.
I didn’t want the normal white boxes you normally think of when you see beehive. So I build some cement block stands. To save some cost, and because I like doing that stuff, the boxes came milled, but unassembled. I got to glue them and set them with 2 inch finishing nails two in each joint; these boxes are solid! A little sanding and on to the next step. Then I stained the pine boxes with a beautiful golden pecan stain and then used a fiberglass resin to seal the outside against the weather.

Using cement screws I mounted a piece of 3/4 plywood that I had finished the outside edge the same as the boxes to the cinder blocks. I pre drilled some holes though the plywood into the bottom board and screwed the bottom board to the mount. Everything was ready for the girls to show up.

Well April 12th was the big day. While the rest of the family was at an Easter activity at church. I drove to Toole and picked up 2 four pound packages of Italy’s finest honey bees. At 4-5000 bees per pound that means I had upwards of 40000 bees in the car with me on the ride home. I’ll be honest I was waiting for the disaster to happen.  Especially after the guy at the bee place said he had tripped and dropped the packages so the bees were a little angry. Rut-Row ;| However, I made it home just fine and then started the prep work for the next potential disaster.  Moving the bees from the box they came in to their new home.

Installing the packages…. I’ll let the video tell that story. It’s about 12 and a half minutes long and well worth the time just for Chey’s commentary.

And yes Cheyenne and Christy were crazy brave.  Neither had any protection at all. But still no stings at all. PS don’t I rock the pants tucked into my socks look. 🙂

Almost a week into it and things are looking great.  Really the girls haven’t been a hassle at all. We “know” that they are there mostly because we all are fascinated by the hives and are hanging out there quite a bit.  The bees could care less that we are there and just go about their business.  In fact we have even gotten a little “honey” I had to remove some honey comb that had be put in the wrong place. It had some honey in it and we had some of it for dinner the other night. 🙂

More pictures and videos on my Google + profile. HERE

Spring Break 2014 aka Adventure Sphere aka Rick

So yeah, it’s been long time. No apologies no promises, just a (long) post. 😉


Last time we went to Goblin Valley for Spring break it cost a fortune because of an broken alternator that had to be repaired in a little town along the way.  This time I was prepared and brought every hand tool I own, well not everything but close.  About an hour and a half into the trip I heard a strange sound, and of course it just kept getting worse and worse.  We pulled off the exit in Nephi and my eagle eyed wife spotted the serpentine belt was coming apart.  So a trip to the auto parts store and we parked in front of Grandma and Grandpa’s house and started the repairs.  Remember how I didn’t bring all my tools, well who would have thought that I was going to need a 1/2 inch socket breaker bar.  Lucky, for me Grandpa had a 1/2 socket set and a wrench that I could use as leverage, and in under an hour we were ready to head out on the road again.


After the break-down and repair we figured that we wouldn’t be able to get too far down the road so we went up Nephi canyon and found a little place to put down stakes for the night; the cold, frigid, night. I’m not sure how cold it got but we were all wrapped up in blankets and watching a movie. Nobody wanted to move or do anything. I finally broke down and fired up the generator so I could turn on the heater. I had hoped to live fully on solar for this trip. Which except for that night we were able to do including the heater.

After a successful experiment of popping corn in the dutch oven we finished the movie in relative comfort and went to bed.  When we woke up in the morning I turned on the heater again and it started to “rain” in the trailer.  Apparently, all the breathing and water in the air had frozen to places on the ceiling, and as it warmed up the ice melted and started dripping down on us, not a big deal but a little surprising.  After a breakfast of waffles thanks to a surprise find at DI, a cast-iron waffle press.  We opened the door to the trailer to find snow on the ground.  Not a great big surprise considering the night before.


However, the big surprise of the trip did come later that day. While in Green River, Utah picked up one of those free travel guides. They had a little blurb for the John Wesley Powell Museum <LINK>. This was the coolest little place with tons of interactive displays model dinosaurs just a fascinating way to spend a hour or so. We really recommend this if you happen to be in the area.

Little Horse Trader

Earlier on, before we left Nephi I pulled out the guns and we all tried to kill a soda can or two. Once again my daughter, whoa she can shoot. 3 direct hits on a 3 inch target from about 30 yards away. Anyway as we were policing the brass my youngest wanted to keep all the cases that we found. Little did I know how much mileage he would get out of those.

Here he is with his hard earned treasure. His fabulous sister even made him a boondoggle necklace to hold it for him..

They were his toys for the entire trip. And along the way when we stopped at a rest stop on the way he was able to trade one of them for a arrowhead from some people there selling jewelry.  From then on every store/shop we went into he was trying to make some sort of trade.

Perfect Camp spot

Rolling into Goblin Valley late into the evening. I was tempted to stay at the campground, but since thankfully it was full. Christy asked ranger for his thoughts and he directed us down Little Wild Horse Road. We did just that and found ourselves in the most secluded camping spot ever. Right up inside a slot canyon away from everyone and everything. The weather was perfect and the kids were in climbing/exploring heaven.

Night Shots

So those clear Winter(ish) nights made for some amazing stars.  I had to try to capture them again, even though every time I try I fail.  I don’t think this time is any different, but hey I tried which is a step in the right direction. 🙂  I even came up with a little trick.  To frame your camera shine a flashlight through the viewfinder it will bounce off the mirror (in your DSLR) go through the lens and light up what is in the frame.  Sweet! right?!?  Make sure your camera is off at that point as I understand the mirror is semi-transparent and it might mess the sensor.

In the Valley

Finally! We have arrived at our destination. While I think Goblin Valley is an amazing location and is a must see for everyone within a days drive of it; this time I just wasn’t into it. The kids, however, went nuts. Climbing and getting a little crazy. I ended up taking a nap in the trailer and then a couple mile walk to the visitor center and back. Which was really enjoyable. Once I got back it was back on the road again.  Luke apparently was on a quest for “nine-tine power crystals”.  There are nine of them in the world and one of them just happened to be in Goblin Valley. It also just happened to be clear up the side of one of the cliffs. He got in a little over his head, but lucky for him Mom was there to bail him out.

Capital Reef

Chey was trying to figure out how to use the camera in Manual and took both this and the picture of the deer. A little dark but she is learning.

Back into the Waterpocket fold. We have wanted to stay in the campground at Capital Reef for quite some time now and finally took the time to do it. We got there a little late. After getting all settled in we went to watch the special program that we were told was starting soon. We waited and waited and finally went and checked the schedule only to find out that the presentation is only on Thursday and Saturday not Friday night.  I completely get that <not>.

Wildlife right in the campsite.  These are the managiest sickly looking deer I have ever seen, the rangers said that is because they only eat fruit and what ever the humans feed them; soooooo Doritos and peaches no wonder they look awful.

Smile Kids :)

I didn’t get to do much hiking, but a little one with all the kids.  Then the two oldest continued on up the trail to the end and along with 900 selfies that she took on my phone Chey took some really fun panoramas.
Capital Reef Overlook
Capital Reef Overlook


So the final leg of the trip included a stop at Fillmore. We are kindly invited to dinner at my sister’s house. It was a whole bunch of fun as the kids ran screaming around and we ate hot dogs. One last night in the trailer and we closed it up and left it at its new temporary home. (stupid Salt Lake County ordinances not letting us park it at our house). Too little time for everything and we were back on the road north.


A great trip always ends at home. We got home exhausted and ready for bed. I made a dinner of some Elk Steaks that my brother-in-law gave me marinated in some honey-vinegar that my sister-in-law gave me with some roasted potatoes. It was a delicious end to a fun trip.


Adventure Sphere AKA Rick????

One of the funniest scenes from one of the funniest games of all time: Portal 2. It was also heavily quoted for the whole trip. “Man I wish I had a waist …” And since literally nothing was planned in detail everything was an “adventure” We had no idea where we would be staying the nights etc. So when anyone asked about plans I was very likely to reply “Adventure sphere Rick” followed by a quote.

A Look Back at a Very Busy Holiday

This is going to be a long post. Sorry in advance.

We started “December” the weekend before Thanksgiving. One of the only things I like about living in Salt Lake is that it is virtually free to do fun things. Like go to the Christmas tree lighting at the Gateway and get a free Kurt Bestor concert under our belt.

IMG_20121117_191741 IMG_20121117_185805

This year we planned it so that our entire family was able to be at my Dad’s for Thanksgiving annual feast.

We woke up early and so that we would have the time to squeeze in another of my favorite traditions the “Christmas Trees hunt.”  It was not as fun as the ones of my childhood, but I think my kids will be able to look back on this as a really fun time.  Even if there was a fight about who had picked out the best tree. : Someday we will need to schedule a hunt with all of the aunts uncles and cousins so that the chaos factor is even greater, chaos=fun for kids.


After the tradition of stuffing our selves with great food.  We went to the Fillmore Rifle Range for a “turkey shoot.” It was a lot of fun I think that the little ones really enjoyed sending quite a bit of lead downrange.  We even got to break in my new toy that I bought a couple of weeks before.  My daughter placed second to her Uncle Wayne and walked away with a Chocolate pie for her efforts. 🙂


Adding even more complications to the holidays was a school play that my daughter had the lead part.  It was a comedy murder mystery with all the classic characters  She play the Miss Marple/Murder She Wrote styled character.  It was pretty good as far as a Middle School play can be she did really well remembering her parts and delivering them in a passing English accent.  However, there were late night practices a-plenty and it really pressed us for free time.

Another bit of great planning and we were able to arrange for all of my family parties to be held on the same weekend. It made for a very busy, but super fun time. Belinda, Craig and I were able to go trespassing onto Grandpa Ropers farm to take lots of picture on at my old playground. I was so nice to see my families and as an additional bonus we were able to see my niece be baptized as well.

During the kid portion of the Roper party we (Belinda, Craig and I) figured that we would go and do some wanton “trespassing” on Grandpa farm. I was great fun wandering through my old “playground” And NO I did not start any fires. One of the most interesting and meaningful things we were able to do was take some time and visit Mom’s grave while we were in Oak City. It was actually fun being there with my sister and brother with kids in tow. 🙂 We even took a little time to sing a butchered, but funny, rendition of “Sleigh Ride.” You ever tried to remember the lyrics to that one.



Driving back from the Roper Family party I glanced down to adjust the heater. Seriously that was it less than a second when I looked back up we were off the road and heading for a fence. I was able to correct and get back on the road, but is was a very close thing.  I could feel a “roll” coming on and it really could have been worse. The picture shows where the tires started to dig into the dirt.







Photowalking Utah and Family

I was able to go out on a couple of different “Photowalks” once with the Photowalking Utah group and once with the Olsen group. Both were quite enjoyable and cold. Unfortunately the end of the Family trip as we were driving home suddenly the entire car fogged up and stank of rotten antifreeze. A blown heater core I had suspected that was happening for a while, but now there was no doubt. 🙂

As the people rush home with their treasures…As the shopper rush home

angrygardner-5789picmonkeytest angrygardner-5754

Christmas was a really fun one for me. Starting with Christmas eve I started a new tradition in adapting my old tradition. I have always tried to have a very nice dinner. This year I decided to have lasagna now one of my children is a real brat about eating my good Italian food, something about tomatoes. 😛 So I made lasagna rolls alternating between white noodles with tomato sauce and green noodles with Alfredo chicken. See what I did there, Christmas colors! It was neat and I think I will be doing that from now on.

Christmas morning was the nice exciting times that we always get to have. I love my kids they are so nice and gracious for what ever they get. They haven’t ever complained about what they find under the tree. This Christmas was even better in the fact that Aunt Belinda and Uncle Craig showed up for breakfast Waffles and Buttermilk syrup.
Because of heater problems we ended up splitting the family up for the drive to Fillmore. Christy, Luke and I in the COLD Expedition and the other kids in the car with their Aunt and Uncle. It had snowed the night before and the roads were fabulous. We made it all the way to Nephi before the cold became unbearable. There I stopped at a truck stop and bought a 12V heater, wired it into the battery there in the parking lot. It helped but I think it was still low 30’s in the car for the whole trip down.

Heater Core
Stupid blasted heater core!! I just paid almost $1000 two years ago to have it replaced, and it has a stupid hole again. This time I was more ambitious and figured I would keep the $950 and do it my self. I spent a minimum of 20 hours out in the garage removing the most obnoxious things to change out the heater core, including the radio antenna?!? REALLY. But I finally got it and the heater works like a complete dream. 🙂

IMG_20121223_182715Mostly I am glad that we have a season that is set aside to honor the memory and life of our Savior and Shepard.  Until next year Merry Christmas (even in February)






A Trip and Fall

So after attending the wonderful Brigham City Temple sessions @mrsangrygardner wanted, well she begged and plead, to go see the changing leaves.  I choose to go up American Fork Canyon. I have admit the reason was two fold

1. It is a beautiful canyon and a fun drive that starts along the river bed and the maple trees transitions to quakies and ends in Heber City.
2. There is a Cabelas on the way and I wanted to look at a gun. (Z day is coming 😐 )

So most of my pictures where done on @instagram and Chey used my Nikon.

I love Aspen trees. If it were possible I would plant a forest of them in my yard.  Maybe someday I will 🙂

Here are my shots from my “real” camera.

Maybe it was the change in altitude, but the next day I started a migraine that took me down for the next couple of days. Here I am laying in the dark with my sunglasses on to help me survive the experience. 🙁


As a bonus feature here are some of Chey’s pictures.

And here’s the fam 🙂

Farmers Market (a trip north)

I am not going to lie I am to the point that I think that I get a better value from going to a farmers market than planting myself.  You are able to get the finished product that is garden fresh with out the frustration and waste of planting your own…

That begin said I am NOT a big fan of a farmers market that has more arts and crafts for sale than food. I have found a couple of markets that I like. Logan’s is fun, and it is well organized so the crafts, produce, and prepared foods are all separate which is really nice. But my favorite one now is the Salt Lake Downtown Alliance market on Tuesday night. They only have food and I can run over right after work and pick up what I need and get home.

Plus you can see lots of other cool sights.


For this farmers market we decided to go up to Logan and hit all of our favorite places. You know Aggie Ice-Cream, Gossners, Cox Honey (we missed that one this time).  As a great bonus we were able to spend some time with Uncle Craig and Aunt Binda (who took all of the following photos but left them on my camera to take credit for).  It was a really a great day Farmers Market getting some really fun food pancakes with Buttermilk syrup and Ethiopian foods.  I gave the kids some money and let them run off together; much to my wife’s chagrin.

Then we were able to spend some real fun time there at Merrill Olsen Park. Someone really enjoyed the stream that runs through the park.

Someone else enjoyed the stream as well. 🙂

Here is the guilty party my brother Craig.

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Boys Camp

Christy and Chey went to girls camp this week. Yes, I missed them horribly. But we managed to still have a little fun and even get down in the dirt a little, some of us more than other.

Logan sure enjoyed the having complete access to the sling shot. He was able to get fairly accurate, probably because of the all the practice he got. He had a shooting range set up and spent hours and hours of knocking over cans. He even was able to punch a hole through one of his cans.

Ready. Aim


While I was trying to get a picture of Logan and the slingshot Luke wanted a “Picture with my mouth open” So here you have it a picture with his mouth open. Ain’t it grand.

I always make some time for Dutch oven potatoes whenever we go camping. They are always good, but this batch was exceptional. I will throw the recipe at the end. 😀 You’re welcome.

Along the way I picked up a new favorite camping food tradition. Totinos party pizzas. Since I am already “not-camping” because of my trailer. Why not take advantage of it. Bake the pizzas cut the boxes to serve the pizza on. Everyone likes them and the clean up is the easiest ever. (It’s called kindling for the fire)

Traditional Dutch Oven Potatoes

This is a ratio so you can double, triple, 10X, or whatever as needed.

2 Lbs of Potatoes cubed (I like and use Yukon Gold)
1 lb onion chopped
1 lb stew meat
1 lb carrots chopped
1/2 lb bacon chopped
2 tsp celery seeds
2 tbls season salt (I love the stuff in Winco’s bulk area)

Render the bacon until it is almost crsipy. Add meat and one cup of water cook over med-high until the water is gone. Add another cup of water stir well. Add the onions carrots then spices, then add the potatoes. put the lid on and cook for 45 mins to an hour do not stir. Once, the potatoes are cooked stir well and serve the meat should have gotten that wonderful brown pieces.

Balsamic-Honey Glazed Steak

I have been a complete slacker on the blogging front.  So just to have something on my main page other than my twitter archives I thought that I would put up what I made for Christy for Mother’s Day.

While this I used this for steak it would equally rock on any other protein: chicken, fish, pork, heck even tofu.

Balsamic-Honey Glaze

3/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 cup Honey
1/4 cup Ketchup
1 tsp granulated garlic

Mix all the ingredients together in a small sauce pan.  Bring to a low boil, keep on the heat until it is a thick syrup.  Make sure you are stirring because it will burn.  Also this is vinegar so it will clean out the sinuses as it is cooking down, but it is sooo worth it. It is a glaze so you will want to put it on your grilled food in the last 5 minutes of the cooking process. After you put apply the glaze remove the meat from the direct heat and let it continue to cook indirectly for that perfect coating.

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Family Road Trip

With the first real spring break my kids have gotten from school I really wanted to spend as much time with them.  So between trying to keep my extra time at work to a minimum, I decided that a family trip would be alot of fun and it was well needed.

We decied to head south to Goblin Valley State Park.  We couldn’t decide when we were leaving and by the time we left and drove down it was midnight and there were no camping spots and there was a such a strong wind that we couldn’t put up the tent.  Why didn’t we have the trailer?  Because no one but me thought we should.  So at midnight we all tried to get comfortable in the Expedition.  FYI the driver’s seat is not comfortable, but I am sure  it was more comfortable than the passenger seat with a 4 y/o which is how Christy slept.  Did I mention  it was also cool, below freezing “cool” plus windchill.  But this was the view that we woke up to…

Did I mention that the check battery light came on. No big deal I was idling and when I revved the engine the light went off.

After breakfast in bed we started exploring Goblin Valley. I have always wanted to check it out and I was really glad we could go and see it. 🙂 It was truly amazing I really recomend it to everyone. I want to go back in and do night shots sometime.

What a stud!

Mom and her boys.  It took her hours to to get warm after hiking around in this valley in the wind.

She is really starting to be quite the teenager 😉  It was quite amazing how comfortable some of these  rocks were.

Luke became very adapt at discerning good “Globulens” from evil “Globulens” good Globulens were ignored, but the evil Globulens had their hearts (dirt clods) ripped out and used as bombs against other evils. It was absolutely hilarious.

So as we were leaving Goblin Valley I started to get a little nervous that the check battery light was not going off no matter what I did. For those of you who have not been there this is in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE don’t even think about getting a cell signal. I was starting to get a little (alot) nervous.

Anyways on a favorite of our family Capital Reef!!! Oh how we love that place.

So by this point the battery light had not gone off at all.  We felt like we needed to cut the trip short and head for home.  Hopefully, we would be able to make it there before the car gave up the ghost.  I started to notice as we were driving that the electrical gauge was starting to drop ever so slightly.  So by the time we hit Loa Utah I stopped for gas as I was filling the car up I was making use of my phone to try and plot out the best plan.  I was also wildly flinging up silent prayer as to what I should do.  I filled the car up and away we went; about 100 yards I saw a Napa Auto parts store and I was told to pull in there. So I did.  We tested the battery/alternator and the battery was at 10.4 and not being charged at all by the alternator.  In fact it barely even started the car to pull it into the shop.  So we ended up adding $320 to the local economy, and a new alternator to my car. It was more than I would have spent if we were home, but it got us home safe and was a bargain compared to some of the alternatives.

I was right though it was a very fun trip and it was so worth it.  I loved listening to Chey and Logan play I spy which was just a method to do 1,2,3 JINX and then start hitting each other (fun and laughing the whole time).  Listening to Luke as he crafted one amazing story after another. Heck I even thought Chey’s I made up the most annoying song in the world was a little funny. 🙂

Hey look a Lizard


PS If you are wondering about the different styles of pictures.  I started using Instagram, a photo social media site.  If you are on it give me a follow and I will surely follow you back.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, When Did You Grow Up?

Holy moley look at my little girl. Acting on stage for a her school’s musical, and then in a couple of weeks speaking in our Stake Conference.

Seriously, it was not that long ago that this was her.

But this is a lament of all parents I guess. I am very proud of her and they person that she is.

The musical was Into The Woods, and it was really, really good. It is another a mashup of several fairytales. All the kids did a great job. Chey even took a couple of voice lessons. Even being able to try out was a big deal for someone in her grade. She did not have many lines, but a couple of singing parts. But from where I was sitting she nailed everything. It was an impressive production.

She did most of her performance on this pick ladder.  We were deathly afraid that she was going to fall.  Thank heavens she didn’t 🙂  I believe that she counted 150 bobbypin that were needed to hold her hair in place.

She even had a couple of friends in the play with her.

Hey look a Cow!!


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Did you miss out on &Pi day that’s ok Tau day is still coming up on 6/28 and it is a MUCH better day. Learn more here


PS I know that this is an awful “food” picture but it was really good and I was the first time I was able to use my homemade vanilla extract.  So the whipped cream was delightful!!