Why Angry??

Many, OK two, have asked why are you the angry gardner, and conversely what makes you happy??

So here are the answers to these and maybe other burning, life-altering questions

While I was in school at Utah State University in Logan, UT I got involved in the community garden program run by the Extension.  I fell in love with gardening and having MY own fresh ingredients.  Even when I moved back home to live with my parents in Fillmore I used gardening as an excellent way to remove stress and misery with great success.  When I finally moved into my own home in the Salt Lake Valley I could not wait to start my garden, I have lots of space in the back yard.  I started my garden and spent lots of time and $$$ getting everything just so…and that year I got 2 count them, 1, 2 tomatoes which ended up costing about a hundred dollars apiece. FAIL!!@.  The next year was the same results as have been each year since.  That year I bought the domain so that I could keep track of what I had done so that I could match any success from year to year.  I will let know if I ever have any success 🙁

Why is “gardner” spelled wrong?  Well I blame Microsoft; I spell checked both of the domain names in Word and then put them together.  I registered them, had been blogging along happily for a couple of months.  Then one day my sister asked me why I had spelled it wrong, DUH!  They standard response I give to people is “Spell it like someone from Fillmore would pronounce it.”

So what makes me happy:

My family, I have a great family both immediate and extended.  I am generally guaranteed good time when I can spend time with them.

A close second to that is cooking.  I love making food.  I have found that my style is very simple.  It was something I picked up in Italy get the best ingredient you can, cook, and serve them simply.  My favorite things to cook: Anything HOT as in spicy, anything I can grill, Italian, and soups/sandwiches.

I am a photographer, I am a new photographer, and I have a lot to learn.  However, as I learn I feel I am getting better.  As with cooking I try to keep my photos simple and natural looking.

Lastly, having people read and comment on this little slice of the internet makes me happy.

Thanks for reading 😀






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