Farmers Market (a trip north)

Farmers Market (a trip north)

I am not going to lie I am to the point that I think that I get a better value from going to a farmers market than planting myself.  You are able to get the finished product that is garden fresh with out the frustration and waste of planting your own…

That begin said I am NOT a big fan of a farmers market that has more arts and crafts for sale than food. I have found a couple of markets that I like. Logan’s is fun, and it is well organized so the crafts, produce, and prepared foods are all separate which is really nice. But my favorite one now is the Salt Lake Downtown Alliance market on Tuesday night. They only have food and I can run over right after work and pick up what I need and get home.

Plus you can see lots of other cool sights.


For this farmers market we decided to go up to Logan and hit all of our favorite places. You know Aggie Ice-Cream, Gossners, Cox Honey (we missed that one this time).  As a great bonus we were able to spend some time with Uncle Craig and Aunt Binda (who took all of the following photos but left them on my camera to take credit for).  It was a really a great day Farmers Market getting some really fun food pancakes with Buttermilk syrup and Ethiopian foods.  I gave the kids some money and let them run off together; much to my wife’s chagrin.

Then we were able to spend some real fun time there at Merrill Olsen Park. Someone really enjoyed the stream that runs through the park.

Someone else enjoyed the stream as well. 🙂

Here is the guilty party my brother Craig.


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