Dog sitting

Marcus and Dana came and dropped off Mudi’s sister on Friday.  They were going to Disneyland for fun and excitement, and we were staying home for boredom and monotony.  At first there were some pretty concerning questions about whether or not the dogs were going to get along. Eventually, the dogs worked out who was boss, although it was never apparent to us who it was.  The funniest thing about the whole thing was that Ariel fought like a cat, paw up ready to scratch and trying to hiss.  When Mudi would get to close Ariel would even swipe like she had claws.  That went on for about two days and Mudi would just throw her weight into it, grab Ariel by the throat, and that started a change in tactics in dog fighting.  They, the dogs, really enjoyed each other and I think that they will miss each other after the vacation.

Perfection Aint Easy To Come By…

but when it does it needs to be remembered. This weekend was perfection. We went to Fillmore for Easter. The Carsons have finished most of the work on their house, and have been wanting us to come and visit when the house is empty. So that is what we did.

We got there Thursday night and just hung out. Got some Deano’s Pizza, the combo of course. Then Dave and I just hung out shooting the Bull. The next morning I needed to get the car inspected so that I could give money to the state. Gene and I got into another discussion about politics, I’m a big lefty or at least I play one in the shop. Then, after some discussion it was off to the rifle range where between the two families we went through 500-600 rounds. We shot everything from black powder to my Mini-30. Dinner was Dutch oven down by the creek, it was not my best showing, but was ok. Weather was in the 70’s during the day and mid-50s during the night. You could not ask for anything better. At one point in the night little David sat down beside me and stated “It doesn’t get any better than this does it.” I could not have agreed more as I listened to the creek and watched the sky turn to coral flames from the sunset.

Saturday was the Olsen’s day. Julie had an Easter party planned for that day. It was fun; the kids had an Easter egg hunt and Dad made some really good Dutch oven potatoes and baked beans. Everyone was there except Celeste and Robert who had vacations and work to attend to respectively. By the time we were home we were all beat and to tired to notice that part of our fence had blown down.

Mowed the lawn

Well it must be spring.  Last night I had to mow the front lawn.  I always amazes me how different the lawn will look after it has been mowed especially in the spring it almost makes it worth all the effort of the rest of the year.

In other news I have mostly recovered from my training in California.  I keep almost getting rested then I stay up late or something like that.

The plant starts are really taking off. It is really cool.

MC 67/49

Well I Did It

Eight test (seven passed) later I have my MCSE security specialist.  I failed my 70-291 test the first go around so I had to take 4 tests in three days two the hardest on Saturday.  My brain was shot, shot, shot.  Saturday night rolled around and I just did not care one little bit.  I did break Lent, and had a small glass of Mountain Dew for as a reward for an great accomplishment.  I have wanted this certification ever since I started at the Biology Dept.  I was very happy that I had done it and more happy that I can come home now.

WOW That Was Fast

I was talking with Christy today about the seeds that I planted before I left, and she told me that all of them had sprouted and that some were already hitting the cover.  I did not expect that until I had gotten home. I hope that this does  not make them to stringy and unusable.

Class is going well today we start back on to unknown territory for me so I will have to get back on my A game.

PC 59/40 (CA MS 75/48)


Well today was a good day.  I woke up and things just started to click in my mind.  It amazes me how much help a good nights sleep helps.  Came into class an hour early and read the guides, and paid attention in class and then chilled out from noon to 3:30 when the test started.  It took me 50 minutes and I scored 847 out of 900.  I was really worried before that without thought provoker MD I would not be able to do very well.  After the test I was able to go back to the hotel early because I don’t need the test that started after this one.  It was nice to be able to talk to the kids for as long as I wanted.  Then I went to the store and bought some groceries so that I could just eat at night.  Then I just decompressed for a while.


Learning without caffeine

I am trying to do this MCSE boot camp for without the use of Caffeine so far has been very tough.  I am having a hard time focusing, and shoving this info into my brain.  It has also entropy also.

PC 63/46

Flying, NOT Natural

I dislike flying. Shoving 50 people into a tin can, then filling the can up with an explosive liquid and lighting the fuse is just WRONG.

Once I got into San Fran’s airport. I walked around like a chicken with, well you know. Finally, I found where I could check my bags, and found my way to the train system. After a 40 minute train ride. I found my way into the wharf. I walked and walked and walked, well it seemed like it anyway. I went from where the 49ers play all the way to pier 39, not quite to Fisherman’s wharf; I was ready to be done and to my hotel. I stopped to have a really good lobster sandwich. Then on to the hotel, its nice not great, but it has a desk and a recliner; everything that I need for a home at training. At check-in we had a Training camp welcome social. One of the instructor drove me NUTS, and wouldn’t you know it he was mine. However, he turned out to be a great instructor and almost a carbon copy of Marcus a good friend of mine from college.

Busy Day

Today was a real busy day. I put the pre-emergent on the lawn. We planted our seeds in the heated greenhouse.
We planted
6 romas
# bell peppers
# grape tomatoes
# Nu-Mex Twilight
# Bhut Jolokia
# Brandywine tomatoes

Then I had to pack and get ready for the Boot Camp tomorrow.

S 57/41

Training, Training, and more Training

March is going to be the month of training for me. Currently, I am in a variable data training so that we can do print on demand right from a database or from a file that has formatted data. Next week I am off to San Francisco for an MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) training boot camp 14 days straight of 12 hour day and 7 tests on managing a Microsoft network YEA! Actually, I am really looking forward to the training but I am not too thrilled with the time away form the fam. Thank heavens for Vonage and free phone calls.

The caffeine thing is still going ok I went almost all day yesterday without fighting the desire to just throw in the towel for the whole mess and open one of the 30 or so cans that I have sitting in the garage (I have about 100 at work I had just loaded up before my foolish snap decision). That’s right cold turkey, and surrounded be the essence of life I AM THE MAN!!

PC 37/56