Where Are Those Darn Keys.

The Carvers had a 24th of July BBQ party.  It was a BYOMeat really, really fun.  We had fireworks and drinks just a great evening.  At the beginning Christy got nervous about some illness that one of the kids had there, so she had to go home and look up information.  No big deal.  So at the end of the night we loaded up to go home, and what do you know no keys.  We looked everywhere, everyone there looked everywhere.  I had my car keys so I walked home and got the spare.  We went home still baffled about the lost keys.  As we were getting rid of bed I went to turn off the computer, and what do you know there are the keys right by the computer.  Christy had left them there on the desk and brought the keys to the Lumina back to the party.  She blames pregnancy, I say she is just loopy.