I Got A Nail Gun

Since I got my pride and joy, no not the kids, the compressor.  I have been feeling the need for a framing nailer, not just any nailer a porter cable FR350. I love those; Christy says that I’ll just shoot my eye out.  However, I struggle with the concept of 200 dollars for a nail gun that has limited uses in my life.  It is a hard pill to swallow, or more accurately an impossible one sell to the wife.  I have been trying to weasel one some other way.  I refuse to rent a tool that I need more than once.  Borrowing always scares me because in the end there is a chance that I might be buying a broken tool as a replacement.  So what do I do I decided to start cruising the pawn shops.  Surely there is a stolen one that is selling for cheap, right?  Sure enough I found one that just had a gasket leak and after my shrewd negotiation skills the price went from $90 to $45.  What a deal right!  The only problem is that the gasket leak is a cracked housing.  It still works, but blows air like crazy.  After, talking about is around work I got the suggestion to use epoxy to seal it.  And it worked!! Score one for the good guys or me depending on your point of view.