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  • Fontina Artichoke Poppers

    Fontina Artichoke Poppers

    1lb Fontina Cheese grated, but almost any melting cheese could be substituted 1/2 cup chopped Artichoke hearts 1/4 cup chopped sun-dried tomatoes 1/4 cup spinach chopped and drained 2/3 cup Mayo 1 Tbls granulated garlic Juice from 1 lemon A couple of pinches of Salt and a grind of Pepper Mix everything together and refrigerate […]

  • Chile-Lime Lettuce Wraps

    Chile-Lime Lettuce Wraps

    4 lbs Boneless skinless chicken thighs or breasts. 1/4 cup of cooking oil. I recommend Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but really any would be OK. 2 tbls Hot chili powder Juice and zest from two limes 1 head of butter lettuce Remove and trim the excess fat from the chicken. Place chicken in a non-reactive […]

  • Smok’n Good Texas Brisket

    Smok’n Good Texas Brisket

    AKA Why you want to be my friend. 🙂 I have been working on a brisket recipe ever since my brother returned from his Texas mission.  This was by far my best. Like many of my recipes it is very little on ingredients but heavy on time and technique.  This was was on my grill/smoker […]

  • Gnocchi


    These incredible potato-pasta-pillows are one of the fondest food memories that I have from my mission.  Every missionary in Italy (that I met anyway) remembered their first Gnocchi experience, and they all went something like this… “I kept eating them until I was full and then a half an hour later I thought my stomach […]

  • Pasta Bolgnese

    Pasta Bolgnese

    To help with your New Years Weight Loss Resolution. < wink, wink ;) > This is my favorite dishes in the whole world. It is also one of the simplest as far as ingredients and methods.  The trade off is that it is a fairly time intensive process.  There are no shortcuts, and each step […]

  • Sausage Sage Stuffing

    Sausage Sage Stuffing

    Once again this is not stuffing as stuffing is evil. It is a dressing because it is cooked outside of the bird. Sausage Sage Stuffing 2 cups Mirepoix (2 parts onion 1 part carrot 1 part celery and 3 cloves of garlic per whole onion) 1/2 stick of butter (usually I use more, but I […]

  • Cream-Cheese Frosting

    There is no picture because I am cleaning my desk at my office and I just need to get this recipe documented.:D This is the frosting that they use here at work and it is soooo good. Obliviously it made quite a bit of frosting so I will need to rework the portions and make […]

  • Turkey Day Is Coming

    Turkey Day Is Coming

    How do I know? Because I start gathering ingredients for my Habanero-Cranberry Relish. Yes this does use a Habanero, but it is not as spicy as you would think. There is a lot of sugar and that really counteracts the heat. I would put the heat level about with Pace medium salsa, your experience may […]

  • Soup For Me!!

    Soup For Me!!

    As I mentioned a couple of days ago my sister-in-law sent me this recipe via Twitter. I knew right away that it was a recipe for me. I am copying the recipe from the author’s blog with permission. I have made some minor changes but the heart of the meal is hers. Roasted Butternut Squash […]

  • Whole Wheat Bread-sticks with Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper

    Whole Wheat Bread-sticks with Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper

    My fabulous sister-in-law sent me a recipe via Twitter a couple of weeks ago.  I knew I had to try it and I knew that I needed to do some thing special for it.  I figured what goes better with soup than homemade chicken stock and bread-sticks. I threw everything together and baked the sticks so that […]