Oh My Hectic Holidays

Oh My Hectic Holidays

How busy has it been for you?

It seems like it was just barely December 3rd and I was giving a recap of the first weekend of December. Here I am and Christmas is past and the we are coming up on the New Year. We didn’t even get our tree up until the week before Christmas. I am unaccustomed to the frantic lifestyle that having a teenager brings; it seems like there was an activity every night. In fact we didn’t even get a chance to go up to This Is The Place for the holiday lights. The things that we did do were well worth it though. Chey was in the stake choir and it was a very good meeting with some great thoughts and songs. Logan was in a choir for his school and had alot of fun with that. Chey and I went on the Photowalking Utah Temple Square walk and had alot of fun there (separate post here)

One of the things I look forward to every Christmas eve is a big fancy dinner. For some reason this year I decided that I would keep it simple. So it was a ham in the oven, some twice baked potatoes and my Gorgonzola Brussel sprouts. It just hit the spot. 🙂 We also deviated from our normal Christmas eve tradition when we gave the direction of the night to our 13 year daughter. She went to a lot of work and made a Power point presentation of games and stories, finished with a viewing of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It was really a good night.

Christmas Day was very nice. It started with Chey bounding up the stairs screaming, scared the beejees out of me. However, after the presents and a breakfast based on a poem that Logan wrote for school, I was able to get a nap in before church :D.

All the little one wanted was a Spiderman umbrella he has been busy since then protecting us from the rain that is coming down in our house.

We thought that our little inventor would like a build your own electronics kit, I know I loved the one I had growing up.

After all of my duties with church were finished we packed up and headed to Fillmore for Christmas at my Dad’s. I got the most amazing cross-stich picture of wolves from my step-mom. You know that it is a big deal when as soon as you pick up the present every camera in the house is pointed at you.  As always I can’t even imagine how many hours that this took. She also made this one for Christy (LINK).

On the way to Fillmore (I have been taking road west of Utah Lake until Utah county get their construction finished) I saw this spillway just outside of Goshen; so on the way home Christy and I took a minute for our own little Photowalk.


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  1. I have to agree. that icey water one is my ultimate favorite. phenominal Ryan! it does indeed sound like the holidays were crazy busy. But I’m glad you had a good one. the cross stich is amazing kudos to whoever made it! belated Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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