Temple Square Photowalk

Temple Square Photowalk

Hard to believe that this was my 3rd Temple Square trip with the Photowalking Utah crew.  My goal for these is less about me getting good pictures, but I am there to help my daughter get pictures that she want.  This year was a stunning success in my book.  Because not only did she get some great shots, but I was able to finally meet some of my Twitter and Internet friends.  @lookieloosuz was as kind and generous as she seems online and @findmimi was just as funny and real as you can get.

Chey and I (a photo of us anyway) were even in the Salt Lake Tribune here and in the January 1st print edition.   Super cool huh!

Cheyenne’s pictures

This was a real process for Chey she wanted a “reverse silloute” of the temple and it took many very long exposures to get this picture the way she wanted.



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  1. It was so nice to finally meet you! 😀

    Your daughter is super talented, I loved her photos! You didn’t do so bad either. 😉 I really like your floating lights photo.

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