Yesterday was exhausting. I woke up early so that I could put on 2,4,D, onto the lawn. I got the front lawn done and was going to do the back but figured with the temperature hitting 80 it would be a bad idea. I was right we spent all day in the back. The kids ran though the sprinklers, and Christy and I did basic yard stuff. I planted basil and tried to dig out a broken fence post. Stupid fencepost anyway the cement was probably a 30 inches thick and 2 feet in diameter. Being a human jackhammer is not as much fun as it may sound. My entire upper body is sore and I can’t grip anything from using a 25 pound bar for an hour or so to break up this mess of a fence post.

Then later right before it got dark I put down some fertilizer the I got from IFA I really liked it. Fifteen dollars and it did my whole yard exactly.

PC 84/59

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