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  • Bzzzzzz. What Have I Gotten Myself Into?!!????

    Long story short: We have 2 beehives now. Long story long: In late October about 18 months ago we got some screaming deals on some trees. That moved us to look for some more and before April of 2013 we had planted 10 new trees 8 of which were fruit trees with more to come. […]

  • Dilly-Beans


    These were the best!! 2 1/2 cup vinegar 2 1/2 cup water 1/4 cup pickling salt Per every 1/2 pint 1/4 tsp dill seed 1/4 tsp celery seed 2 cloves garlic 1 hot pepper sliced

  • Ensalada Caprese

    Ensalada Caprese

    It’s the end of summer that means two of the greatest things are happening. Tomatoes are starting to ripen and the temperatures are starting to drop. Both fabulous thing on my book. I found fresh hand pulled mozzarella cheese at Harmon’s grocery here in Salt Lake. This was some amazingly great cheese. I decided that […]

  • The Plants Looked Like They Needed Water

    I have just planted my garden.  Now if I can keep the dog and the 5 year old from killing it.  The dog likes to dig in the new dirt it is soft and warm so she thinks that it is her new bed.  Then today Logan looked at the plants and figured they needed […]

  • Dig a Hole, Fill It Up

    Planted the lilac bush and the peach tree today. I don’t want to overstate things, but at least with concrete you can use a sledgehammer. The clay in west side of the Salt Lake valley is horrible. So it takes forever to dig the hole and then you just turn around and fill the dang […]

  • Salsa Patch

    This year all I plan on planting is a Salsa Patch. I have made grow boxes that I have filled with “Mels Mix” and  only planting things that go in salsa, habaneros, jalapeño roma tomatoes onions and garlic. It should be an interesting experiment. I am going to start adding pictures to the blog, that […]

  • Started My Plants

    I started my plants in the incubator tonight. I have planted a bundle of Roma tomatoes, Habbies (Habeneros), and Japlenos. I also started quite a few basil and thyme plants. The other project that I am in the middle of is my grow boxes. I built 3 8X4X.5 foot boxes for my pepper and tomato […]

  • First Red Tomatoes

    Well they had blossom end rot and looked like crap, but they were red and inedible.  More should be on the way.  Which is better than last year.  Lots of green one on the roma, blossoms on the cherry, and nothing on the brandywine. R 85/72

  • Garden’s In

    Finally, 2 Jolokia 4 Bell 4 Roma 4 Sugar 4 Brandywine 2 Parsley MS 84/61

  • Tired

    Yesterday was exhausting. I woke up early so that I could put on 2,4,D, onto the lawn. I got the front lawn done and was going to do the back but figured with the temperature hitting 80 it would be a bad idea. I was right we spent all day in the back. The kids […]