I Endorse…

The following products for a great backyard experience.

1. Cabela’s Chaise Loungers. (thanks dad)
2. Chargrill Pro Deluxe Charcoal Grill.
3. Dewalt’s Portable radio tuned to a classic rock station.

I don’t know if this is a complete list, but it sure feels like it right now.  If has any doubts about the effiectivness of this set up feel free to come here and I show you how it can work for you.

Addendum 1.  A fire pit with lots of graham crackers, marshmallows and fun size Milky Way bars for the best S’mores ever.

Mowing the lawn

Since this is the “Angry Gardner” maybe I’ll post something semi related to gardening. I mowed my lawn last night. I discovered something, the  lawnmower works much, much better with the blade sharpened and not put on backwards. Huh! Who would have thunked it.  Apparently, last time I sharpened the blade I put it so that the mulching tab pushed the grass down instead of up to be mulched.  I spent all year complianing how the “stupid piece of crap” needed to be replaced because it would not work correctly.  That’s my motto folks, blame the arrow not the indian.

I Hate July Yard Work.

Really, July is for camping, BBQs, and hanging out in the A/C with friends and family. It is not for mowing the lawn, weeding, or any other sort of work outside. However, those are just the activities that have spent this Saturday doing. I am beat.

It may be atonement for the Friday that I had. I left work early saw Hellboy II, had great pizza(chicken&blue cheese) from the rusted sun pizzeria, and spent the night playing Far Cry. All to avoid being home for Chey’s first sleep-over; She had lots of loud, screaming fun. I should feel bad that I missed most of it.

Dig a Hole, Fill It Up

Planted the lilac bush and the peach tree today. I don’t want to overstate things, but at least with concrete you can use a sledgehammer. The clay in west side of the Salt Lake valley is horrible. So it takes forever to dig the hole and then you just turn around and fill the dang thing up again.  I also planted the salsa patch 12 roma, 4 habbies, 2 grape tomatoes, 8 jalapeños, and a bunch of onions and garlic.  Yummy.

Busy To The Point Of Despreration

This was the first Saturday that I have had free in a long time. So I had lots to do. My sister wanted to go to the zoo, the lawn wanted to be mowed and trimmed, the ward wanted me to cook dinner, and I wanted to sleep. Guess who got what they wanted? The zoo was really fun we were only there for a couple of hours, but were able to spend a ton of money and see the bird show, REALLY cool. Make sure you see the bird show if you come to the Hogle zoo. I got the lawn mowed and then spent an hour trying to get my stupid trimmer to work; buy junk and the frustration come free of charge. Then I gave up on the thought of entering the ward Dutch oven cookoff, not enough time and no inspiration. It’s a deadly combination in cooking. Oh yeah, and I got to sleep in, bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Last Mowing of the Year

Well I wanted to get the year-end lawn mowing done before the storm that is coming tomorrow, and of course it is also Logan’s birthday party. So I was super busy.  I was surprised how long the grass has gotten.  I had to rake it and put in back in my “compost” pile.

Scruch Your Way to Happiness.

Fall always make me happy. It is a time when you can look at the garden failure of this year, and plot how next year things will be different. I am the biggest optimist that you will ever meet; I am pretty sure everything is work like crap, but I am going to give it a try anyway.

So in between plotting next years summer away, work and family the leaves have fallen. I am always remind of an experience I had in Logan. As I was walking, trudging really, back from school one day I passed a girl walking on the side of the side walk where all the leaves had accumulated. She looked at me a said “Always, walk through the leaves. They are only there once a year.” She is right the sound of leaves crunching underfoot is a great yearly event like the first snow, went they open the outdoor pool, and the first bird in the spring. We as adults tend to overlook these monumental events as mundane much to our loss.

PC 63/49

Hand watering works.

In July I spent less money and had a better looking lawn than last year.  July’s water bill was $78 and was even a hotter month than it was last year.  So a grand success all around except for the stupid dog that thinks that my sprinklers are nothing but interactive chew toys that she gets a drink from as well.

MS 91/72

Mowing the Lawn

An exercise in agony.  I tried to mow the lawn last night, and it dang near put me in an ambulance.  Our neighbor had said that she would send her boys over to do it, but I didn’t want them to have to clean up my mess.  Between the gate and the vacation it hasn’t been mowed in at least 3 weeks.  However, after mowing the front and thinking that I was going to pass out from the pain I figured that I would take her up on the offer.  I still felt incredibly guilty as I watched them struggle in the jungle I tried to pass as a lawn.

PC 100/72

What’s So Glorious About Morning Anyway?

I hate morning glory. My lawn is completely infested with that horrible (and tough as nails) weed. Right now it is the only thing in my backyard that is green. I have been told by our gardener at work that I need to hit it once a week with 24-D for the rest of the summer, and that really does not get rid of it.
I still struggle with how much to water there has to be a perfect amount right? The balances of a green yard (impossible in the weather we are having right now) and a positive checking balance is pretty tough.

MC (from smoke) 97/68