Category: Lawn

  • Die Bugs Die

    Or at least that is the theory. I bought some grub control today 25 bucks for a bag of the stuff. I hope it works. I also found that the cottonwood tree at the very back of the yard is actually dying. The Bark is split, badly, on the main branch. have thought all along […]

  • Creepy, Crawly, and Killing My Lawn

    That’s right folks I’m talking about bugs. After over watering and under watering the same dying patches of my lawn I have come to a unmistakable conclusion: Something is eating the roots out of my lawn. My neighbor was having the same problem and he put down something to kill them and pushed them to […]

  • Free Water, As If From Heaven

    I love rain, I love rainy days and Mondays, even though they bring me down, I love a rainy night, I love raindrops that keep fall’n on my head.  You get the idea. It has been rainy and overcast the past couple of days, it is my favorite weather.  Probably because I grew up in […]

  • I Hate My Sprinkler System

    The front where I have the cheap little popups work okay. The back where it is covered by the big expensive rotary head always looks horrible. So I went to Lowes and bought a self timing pulse sprinkler MS 92/61

  • What the World Needs

    A self-mowing lawn, without the hassle of goats. MC 84/61

  • Medival Lawn Torture Device

    Also known as an aerator.  Mike N. has an aerator that he said that Stephenson and I could borrow over the weekend.  So yesterday we got off work and went to my house and started the whole process.  First thing that should of been oblivious to anyone with the education of a 3rd grader is […]

  • Tired

    Yesterday was exhausting. I woke up early so that I could put on 2,4,D, onto the lawn. I got the front lawn done and was going to do the back but figured with the temperature hitting 80 it would be a bad idea. I was right we spent all day in the back. The kids […]

  • Hardening The Plants

    Today I put the plants out to harden them so that we can plant them on Saturday (hopefully. I also turned on the sprinklers for the lawn. Every once and awhile I have a job with a home improvement company. They have a small network and need help with it on occasion. I have been […]

  • Mowed the lawn

    Well it must be spring.  Last night I had to mow the front lawn.  I always amazes me how different the lawn will look after it has been mowed especially in the spring it almost makes it worth all the effort of the rest of the year. In other news I have mostly recovered from […]

  • Well I Did It

    Eight test (seven passed) later I have my MCSE security specialist.  I failed my 70-291 test the first go around so I had to take 4 tests in three days two the hardest on Saturday.  My brain was shot, shot, shot.  Saturday night rolled around and I just did not care one little bit.  I […]