Scruch Your Way to Happiness.

Fall always make me happy. It is a time when you can look at the garden failure of this year, and plot how next year things will be different. I am the biggest optimist that you will ever meet; I am pretty sure everything is work like crap, but I am going to give it a try anyway.

So in between plotting next years summer away, work and family the leaves have fallen. I am always remind of an experience I had in Logan. As I was walking, trudging really, back from school one day I passed a girl walking on the side of the side walk where all the leaves had accumulated. She looked at me a said “Always, walk through the leaves. They are only there once a year.” She is right the sound of leaves crunching underfoot is a great yearly event like the first snow, went they open the outdoor pool, and the first bird in the spring. We as adults tend to overlook these monumental events as mundane much to our loss.

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