Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-13

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-06

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-29

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-22

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-15

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-08

  • @findMiMi BaHAAA that made my day. #
  • @unculturedswine yes it was quite an adventure. I had put in a new battery a few months ago. So it was ok. #
  • Hey I took a day off from work this week!! Want to know what I did? I blogged about it here 🙂 #
  • I live the glamorous life… just fixed the toilet. #
  • @emihill no probably wouldn't help. Just not that interested in shoes. Hope we can still be friends. 🙂 #
  • Ripple Rock Nature Center at Capital Reef National Park. #
  • Sorry @emihill I will have to stop following your Shoe Addict board on @Pinterest it was just a little too girly for me 😉 #forgiveme #
  • Exploring Capital Reef National Park. #
  • @BelindaOlsen Thanks for being our emergency contact. Hope you are feeling better. #
  • Mormon Tea and Wild Horse Butte at Goblin Valley State Park #
  • Home safe and sound after a fun, eventful and costly day trip. #
  • Orchards at Capital Reef National Park UT. #
  • Goblin brothers. Goblin Valley State Park UT #
  • Rock formations at Capital Reef National Park. #
  • Stuck in scenic Loa UT getting my alternator replaced. This trip has been an adventure to say the least. #
  • Goodbye Goblin Valley; Hello Capitol Reef! #
  • The view from the "hotel" window this morning. #
  • Driving through Gunnison thinking of the good old days of pheasant hunting here. #hway89 #
  • Mt. Dew in a Mason Jar. My kind of people. Family Tree Restaurant in Santaquin. #
  • Spring break road trip. Starts now. Aggravation started 30 minutes ago. #
  • @MrsAngryGardner lucky you it was not fun. #
  • Hey 5am I'm not a big fan of you either. 🙁 #
  • @BelindaOlsen Bummer 🙁 #
  • Hey look it's me on @instagram. Get it. it's a picture of me using instagram to say that I'm on… Oh forget #
  • Afternoon meeting + poor AC + boring content = I need a nap #
  • @Rustin good for you guys! You deserve some happy times. #
  • @jeremyhall @zelph I have been doing it off and on. I have even worked with and given some feedback to the product manager. #
  • Made my day 🙂 RT @jeremyhall: Oh my goodness. @PhotoshopTroll makes my day. So bad, so funny. New post "Mustache" – #
  • @zelph is this something other than #
  • Just discovered @shesimmers if you like Thai food this site will make you so very happy. 🙂 #
  • @jeremyhall as do I. The worst is google.⁰ #
  • @jeremyhall You're better than me then I cant translate CAPTCHA #
  • Not a big fan of 4am. #
  • @emihill Whoa that is weird. #
  • @emihill That is a bug…'s how you fix it. I hope it helps 😉 Weird though. #
  • My Thai FTW #slc #food #
  • @emihill or should that is. #
  • @emihill sorry go here there should be click install and it will all work automagicly. #
  • @emihill yes but I used the Google Play website and used that to push it to my phone. I couldnt find it from my phone either. #
  • Super excited to finally have @instagram not having it was my only Droid regret. Now the circle is complete. #
  • OH OH me too!! RT @emihill: Just downloaded Instagram for Android. Now, if only @ryankendrick will share with me all his Instragram wisdom. #
  • Soooo tired, grumpy, even angered. I want to just go hide in a cave. #
  • @spangborn Wow new low. I forgot the link #
  • Hmmm why did I think of @spangborn when I saw this?? #
  • I just looked in the mirror… I can't believe my wife let me leave the house wearing this shirt. #dressmyselffail #
  • Welcome, Welcome Monday morning. Now go away. #notwhatIwasthinking #
  • RT @LDSTroy: My wife just asked is she is controlling…I answered, "what do you want me to say?" 🙂 #LDSconf #TwitterStake #
  • Yeah for the interwebs!! #
  • I love listening to conference, watching the snow, and thinking about how I can be a nicer person. #
  • I saw someone "drowning" last week. I am afraid all I did was ask if I could help. I hope I can do better next chance I get. #
  • I have to say… bacon jam is amazing. No really it is truly amazing. That's right I said BACON jam!!!! #
  • Why must everything be so complicated. I just want to go home. #

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Family Road Trip

With the first real spring break my kids have gotten from school I really wanted to spend as much time with them.  So between trying to keep my extra time at work to a minimum, I decided that a family trip would be alot of fun and it was well needed.

We decied to head south to Goblin Valley State Park.  We couldn’t decide when we were leaving and by the time we left and drove down it was midnight and there were no camping spots and there was a such a strong wind that we couldn’t put up the tent.  Why didn’t we have the trailer?  Because no one but me thought we should.  So at midnight we all tried to get comfortable in the Expedition.  FYI the driver’s seat is not comfortable, but I am sure  it was more comfortable than the passenger seat with a 4 y/o which is how Christy slept.  Did I mention  it was also cool, below freezing “cool” plus windchill.  But this was the view that we woke up to…

Did I mention that the check battery light came on. No big deal I was idling and when I revved the engine the light went off.

After breakfast in bed we started exploring Goblin Valley. I have always wanted to check it out and I was really glad we could go and see it. 🙂 It was truly amazing I really recomend it to everyone. I want to go back in and do night shots sometime.

What a stud!

Mom and her boys.  It took her hours to to get warm after hiking around in this valley in the wind.

She is really starting to be quite the teenager 😉  It was quite amazing how comfortable some of these  rocks were.

Luke became very adapt at discerning good “Globulens” from evil “Globulens” good Globulens were ignored, but the evil Globulens had their hearts (dirt clods) ripped out and used as bombs against other evils. It was absolutely hilarious.

So as we were leaving Goblin Valley I started to get a little nervous that the check battery light was not going off no matter what I did. For those of you who have not been there this is in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE don’t even think about getting a cell signal. I was starting to get a little (alot) nervous.

Anyways on a favorite of our family Capital Reef!!! Oh how we love that place.

So by this point the battery light had not gone off at all.  We felt like we needed to cut the trip short and head for home.  Hopefully, we would be able to make it there before the car gave up the ghost.  I started to notice as we were driving that the electrical gauge was starting to drop ever so slightly.  So by the time we hit Loa Utah I stopped for gas as I was filling the car up I was making use of my phone to try and plot out the best plan.  I was also wildly flinging up silent prayer as to what I should do.  I filled the car up and away we went; about 100 yards I saw a Napa Auto parts store and I was told to pull in there. So I did.  We tested the battery/alternator and the battery was at 10.4 and not being charged at all by the alternator.  In fact it barely even started the car to pull it into the shop.  So we ended up adding $320 to the local economy, and a new alternator to my car. It was more than I would have spent if we were home, but it got us home safe and was a bargain compared to some of the alternatives.

I was right though it was a very fun trip and it was so worth it.  I loved listening to Chey and Logan play I spy which was just a method to do 1,2,3 JINX and then start hitting each other (fun and laughing the whole time).  Listening to Luke as he crafted one amazing story after another. Heck I even thought Chey’s I made up the most annoying song in the world was a little funny. 🙂

Hey look a Lizard


PS If you are wondering about the different styles of pictures.  I started using Instagram, a photo social media site.  If you are on it give me a follow and I will surely follow you back.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-01

  • @Rustin congrats to you @findMiMi I hope you are doing ok. #
  • RT @zelph: One of my recent projects is now live. General Conference Music I wrote the playlist interface 🙂 #ldsconf #
  • @spangborn @youtah you two can fight that one out. The kids will sit back "suffer" and laugh. #
  • @emhill this is on my slow cooker list for this weekend. bacon jam via @pinterest #
  • I think I am going to make this for Sunday lunch this weekend. Wanna visit? easy banh mi via @pinterest #
  • Hey @youtah and @spangborn you know when Mommy and Daddy fight its just us kids that suffer. 🙂 #
  • @youtah on a side note I think I will be making bacon jam over the weekend. #
  • @zarias Just spitballing here, but isn't that called @creativelive ? #
  • @findMiMi <heavy sad sigh> Sorry this all is going on. 🙁 #
  • @BelindaOlsen one night only. #
  • Hey @findMiMi you hanging in there? Need anything? <3 #
  • Hey @kellibramble if you look out the window you will see water falling from the sky. #amazing #thoughtyoushouldknow #
  • My daughter: Rapunzel from Into The Woods musical. #
  • Please take a minute to help a family at this tragic time: Help the Hamblins. #helpthehamblins #
  • @emihill But I do love the cherry-vanilla coke from @sonicdrive_in #yummy #
  • @emihill nope I am a Dew kinda guy. This is the view of my desk right now. 🙂 #
  • @emihill You and I are in direct competition for a very limited resource. #caffeine #goodluck #
  • @altonbrown Isn't that the T-700 #
  • @altonbrown Why is the price of rice in China relevant to anything I do. Since you're not listening. 🙂 #
  • @findMiMi also let Christy and I know what you or @Rustin need. We care, think, pray for guys, but it doesn't feel like enough. #teamJessen #
  • @findMiMi I know its a strange time to say this, but I am so very grateful for who you are and that you are a part of my life. Thank you <3 #
  • @Rustin We're here for ya roller coaster away. I don't what else to do so I listen and pray. @findMiMi #
  • @findMiMi twitter hug. I wish I knew what else to do.:'( #
  • @Rustin I am so sorry. #
  • I need more days like today. Finished a huge project at work. Then managed to repair the gapping hole in my roof without falling. #greatday #
  • @eltiare no more Halo for you. #
  • I finally got around to shooting the headshots for my friend. Please let me know how I did. #photo #learning #
  • @unculturedswine nope I wish that would be awesome! #
  • For a guy that has a big swath of his roof ripped off these clouds look kinda scary. #
  • @BelindaOlsen Good morning It's going to be a great day. Fiber speeds for everyone, well at least everyone I support. #
  • @unculturedswine Can you imagine if I had used a different brand. Boggles the mind, right? Thanks BTW #
  • @findMiMi Read the post, and <3 more. Wish I knew a way to make it all better. If we can help…Please know you only have to ask. #
  • I finally got around to shooting the headshots for my friend. Please let me know how I did. #photo #learning #
  • @unculturedswine nope don't change anything. You never know when you might need it again. #
  • Heart is breaking for the Jessen family. Prayers and love heading their way. @Rustin @findMiMi #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-25

  • So I need to get up and fix my roof. #stalling #makingitworselater #
  • @unculturedswine do u need any help? #
  • @youtah Maybe if you hadn't gotten lost up Big Cottonwood Canyon it would have been a shorter day. 😉 #
  • @BelindaOlsen I can throw something on the grill to sweeten the deal too. #
  • @MShaunNelson There is only a couple of ducts here that I could crawl through. #
  • @MShaunNelson What are you talking about? You have the coolest drop ceiling ever. </sarcasm> #
  • Hey @belindaolsen are you going to the color festival with @kirstinroper? #
  • @MShaunNelson You sure spend a lot of time in the lobby looking up. Why not a picture from your desk "looking up" 🙂 #
  • I saw a picture on my screensaver of my daughter and I thought to myself "Wow I took a great picture" Then I realized @belindaolsen took it. #
  • @kellibramble So sorry to hear about your loss. If I can do any thing ask. K #
  • So far so good today: Work successful, bridges mended, hoping for the best for the rest of the day. #
  • So my addiction to cookbooks has been replaced by an addiction to @pinterest #spacesaver #
  • I'll tell you what: Today will not show up on my highlight reel. #Ireallyscrewedup #needavacation #
  • @unculturedswine yes it will blend light and shadows into amazing scenes. BTW LOL. #
  • @unculturedswine Packages with your new D800?? #
  • Yeah this is me today. #
  • @altonbrown If a pressure cooker is a uni-tasker I guess that by the same standard so is my stovetop. #
  • In case @mrsangrygardner didn't see this. @LookieLooSuz nursery for her new addition. Amazing #
  • @MrsAngryGardner Oh you know the usual. The stupid conduit is clogged. Nothing seems to fix it. #
  • You know what makes working late again even better .. the bitter taste of failure. 🙁 #
  • @ErinLangford hey that's awesome congrats!! #
  • @findMiMi I always do. 🙂 #
  • @kellybranan Thanks 🙂 #
  • Doing a headshot for an actresses (child) in my ward today. Anyone out there want to give me any pointers?? #please #
  • @BelindaOlsen Check out the rest of my day's tweets….that should be some sort of indication. #
  • @unculturedswine what is this "home" you speak of? It sounds wonderful. #tootiredtoplay #
  • Sooooooooooooo tired of this endless work project. I am having serious doubts I will live to see it finished. #
  • @a_n_woodward bottom for me #
  • "Happy" Monday. I am hoping for the power of positive thinking. #
  • @leahkcat @BWJones Still a very impressive feat. Did you take any pictures with that setup or was it just playing around? #
  • Also I completely endorse substituting Brussels sprouts for cabbage in Corned beef and cabbage. #foodwin #
  • So now that we are into hour 5 of no power I am getting a little bored. #techaddict #

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I was asked to to take some headshots for a friend’s daughter who is auditioning for The Sound of Music at the Hale Center Theater here in Salt Lake City. With the crazy time we have been having at work it was tough to get the time to do it, but we finally were able to make our schedules work.

I took some with just the light from the fading sun.

Then I started using my favorite available light. My speedlight controled using Nikon’s amazing CLS system. The white background is actually their garage door. I love the lens compression on the 70-200.

I know that headshots for kids are supposed to be happy and smiley, but I love the emotion of this one.

While no money was exchanged. We are getting free haircuts. So I am counting this as my first “paying” gig. Pretty cool huh!