Sunsets and Misplaced Hope

I have been studying for a Red Hat certification test for months.  Imagine how distressing it was to fail it on the first question.  Then imagine that I was looking forward to a lunch meeting next week with Red Hat Reps and Linux Engineering team at work, that just happens to have an opening in the department.  Anyway, that is how Friday went.  I got an OK picture of the sunset and felt like it was the how all my hopes and dreams went.

The nice thing about sunsets is that most of the time another day follows.  I was able to take Chey and go to the Salt Lake Gun Show and hang out with the best Carnies in the world, I really miss them, all the time.

Baby Animal Days

What is baby animal days you ask?  This was a “tradition,” isn’t a tradition something that you want to do every year, back when I was going to school.  Anyway on Easter weekend the American West Heritage Farm in Logan has a big event with blacksmiths, mountain men, a baby animal petting zoo, and other old fashioned activities ie May pole, greased flagpole with a couple of hundred dollar bills, and kids rodeo.  It is always a lot of fun.  Some of the highlights this year were Logan trying out a bullwhip, a regular Indy that kid, he kept swinging it and walking forward toward the guy running the show who kept backing up until he ran out of room and had to put a stop to the whipping.  And Chey throwing a hatchet, I would not call it a highlite but she also tried to break some bones climbing the greased pole.  Afterward we went to the Iron Gate Grill which was way awesome it is owned by the people that operated one of my favorite restaurants that I would go to with my friends from Tyco.  Logan canyon for pictures and Aggie Ice-cream and we were back in on the road to home again.


or is it sprinter, or should we call it something else entirely like Splunt.  Yeah I made that up, so what.  But at some point somebody said when it’s cold its called Winter and when it hot we call it Summer, so now when Mother Nature can’t decide whether it is going to be 70 degrees and Spring or freezing with snow I will call it Splunt.  No really I am, I just need someone to join the revolution with me.  Come on Viva La Revolution!!! OK, maybe I am suffering from low blood sugar or maybe I’m just nuts; mostly I’m just in need of an excuse to post this picture.  I kind of liked it.

Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

I amaze myself with my creativity sometimes, sarcasm, sarcasm.  However, for a post about going to Antelope Island I thought it was needed.  In my new quest to become an landscape photographer we went on a trek today.  I wanted to get some sunsets over the Great Salt Lake and I decided that Antelope Island would be a good choice.  It was a lot of fun, and a very cold walk back from the edge of the water to where we parked.  I made got a couple a good pics, but over all not as many as I would have liked.

A Photoing We Will Go

A photoing we will go hi ho… well you get the picture.  I had the day OFF today.  No work, the plant was closed so no call-ins.  Ah the bliss, the happiness, the peace.  Road trip!!!  So where do I go with a new camera and end of winteritis Logan of course.  It was my brother’s Birthday and my Dad and Julie where going up there to take him to lunch.  I thought I would crash the party, then go up into the canyon and take some pictures.  First, a “trek” from second dam to Zanavoo Lodge in the snow on a “trail” and maybe a little harmless trespassing.  Boy the kids were not happy by the end you would think didn’t warn them they would be cold.  I Next, we went to Spring Hollow were we went camping last summer for pictures of the waterfall.  Then on to Gossners for a cheese run, and back to Craig and Belinda’s apartment for a little Rock Band.  All in all a very fun day off, back to the grinder, I mean grind tomorrow.