Baby Animal Days

What is baby animal days you ask?  This was a “tradition,” isn’t a tradition something that you want to do every year, back when I was going to school.  Anyway on Easter weekend the American West Heritage Farm in Logan has a big event with blacksmiths, mountain men, a baby animal petting zoo, and other old fashioned activities ie May pole, greased flagpole with a couple of hundred dollar bills, and kids rodeo.  It is always a lot of fun.  Some of the highlights this year were Logan trying out a bullwhip, a regular Indy that kid, he kept swinging it and walking forward toward the guy running the show who kept backing up until he ran out of room and had to put a stop to the whipping.  And Chey throwing a hatchet, I would not call it a highlite but she also tried to break some bones climbing the greased pole.  Afterward we went to the Iron Gate Grill which was way awesome it is owned by the people that operated one of my favorite restaurants that I would go to with my friends from Tyco.  Logan canyon for pictures and Aggie Ice-cream and we were back in on the road to home again.


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