A Photoing We Will Go

A photoing we will go hi ho… well you get the picture.  I had the day OFF today.  No work, the plant was closed so no call-ins.  Ah the bliss, the happiness, the peace.  Road trip!!!  So where do I go with a new camera and end of winteritis Logan of course.  It was my brother’s Birthday and my Dad and Julie where going up there to take him to lunch.  I thought I would crash the party, then go up into the canyon and take some pictures.  First, a “trek” from second dam to Zanavoo Lodge in the snow on a “trail” and maybe a little harmless trespassing.  Boy the kids were not happy by the end you would think didn’t warn them they would be cold.  I Next, we went to Spring Hollow were we went camping last summer for pictures of the waterfall.  Then on to Gossners for a cheese run, and back to Craig and Belinda’s apartment for a little Rock Band.  All in all a very fun day off, back to the grinder, I mean grind tomorrow.


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