Learning without caffeine

I am trying to do this MCSE boot camp for without the use of Caffeine so far has been very tough.  I am having a hard time focusing, and shoving this info into my brain.  It has also entropy also.

PC 63/46

Flying, NOT Natural

I dislike flying. Shoving 50 people into a tin can, then filling the can up with an explosive liquid and lighting the fuse is just WRONG.

Once I got into San Fran’s airport. I walked around like a chicken with, well you know. Finally, I found where I could check my bags, and found my way to the train system. After a 40 minute train ride. I found my way into the wharf. I walked and walked and walked, well it seemed like it anyway. I went from where the 49ers play all the way to pier 39, not quite to Fisherman’s wharf; I was ready to be done and to my hotel. I stopped to have a really good lobster sandwich. Then on to the hotel, its nice not great, but it has a desk and a recliner; everything that I need for a home at training. At check-in we had a Training camp welcome social. One of the instructor drove me NUTS, and wouldn’t you know it he was mine. However, he turned out to be a great instructor and almost a carbon copy of Marcus a good friend of mine from college.

Busy Day

Today was a real busy day. I put the pre-emergent on the lawn. We planted our seeds in the heated greenhouse.
We planted
6 romas
# bell peppers
# grape tomatoes
# Nu-Mex Twilight
# Bhut Jolokia
# Brandywine tomatoes

Then I had to pack and get ready for the Boot Camp tomorrow.

S 57/41

Training, Training, and more Training

March is going to be the month of training for me. Currently, I am in a variable data training so that we can do print on demand right from a database or from a file that has formatted data. Next week I am off to San Francisco for an MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) training boot camp 14 days straight of 12 hour day and 7 tests on managing a Microsoft network YEA! Actually, I am really looking forward to the training but I am not too thrilled with the time away form the fam. Thank heavens for Vonage and free phone calls.

The caffeine thing is still going ok I went almost all day yesterday without fighting the desire to just throw in the towel for the whole mess and open one of the 30 or so cans that I have sitting in the garage (I have about 100 at work I had just loaded up before my foolish snap decision). That’s right cold turkey, and surrounded be the essence of life I AM THE MAN!!

PC 37/56

A Caffeine Free Week

It has now been exactly one week since my last ingestion of Caffeine. I can say that I feel different, still tired, but not as blue. I am having a very difficult time concentrating, and spelling. However, I am afraid that this experiment is working like I was afraid that it would I feel better. Now if my family would just LET ME SLEEP when I need to. Word of the day Abusement, as in “I enjoy good abusement.”

C 39/32

White Light Flashing Acrossed the Sky

Christy got to experience one of the coolest things ever last night, lighting in a snowstorm.  If you have seen it then you know what I am talking about.  The way the whole sky explodes into a brilliant white and then slowly fades away only to have another burst light everything again.  It is a very transcendent thing to watch/experience.  This was the second time I have seen it and it marvels me each time.

The side note to that was the lighting, the 4 inches of new snow, or something else blew the power out at our house from 4:30 to a little after eight.  Thanks to very thoughtful Christmas gifts from parents we had plenty of light, a radio and emergency food if we needed it.

SS 33/25

Lent Sucks!!

While I am not Catholic, I love the tradition of Lent. Lent is the 40 days prior to Easter to obverse Lent one gives up something for that 40 days and prays at the times of craving. I gave up Caffeine (not that Mountain Dew has had a part in my identity). It has been two days, OK this is the second, and I am dying already. I am sure that this will be a reoccurring theme for the next month or so.

MC 51/35

Utah Weather

Yeah OK it is cliche, but Utah weather is crazy sometimes.  Saturday and Sunday had high in the mid-50’s and lows in the 40’s with perfect clear blue skies.  I wake up this morning to 3 inches of snow and no chance to put the pre-emergent down.  That folks is what happens when you procrastinate.  You can put it off even longer that you thought you would

SS 35/26

Banner Day

Today was a banner day for the Angry Gardner.  This is the first entry that actually has anything to do with my gardening  “skills.”  I bought ($15) some Scotts turf builder with a pre-emergent.  I hope to put it down on Monday to ruggerize my lawn, unless the grounds keeper at work has disguided me this should be the time frame to do that.

I actually was quite busy today.  I went shopping at Sam’s and  went to Lowes and along with the pre-emergent I got some stands for pop can chicken.  When I tried to make the chicken later on today I ended up with two Blackened chickens on the outside and raw on the inside.  As I get the  recipe perfected I will get it up here.

S 57/30

Talking Heads

One of the strangest dichotomies of the times that we live in is the love/hate relationship we seem to have with the media.  Last night someone for whatever reason walks around Trolley square mall in Salt Lake City shooting people.  Instantly the local nbc station and I’m sure all the other news stations went to scramble mode.  Reporting every detail over and over again salivating for the next detail to come out it reminds me of the Don Henley:
I make my living off the evening news
Just give me something-something I can use

C 40/28