Training, Training, and more Training

March is going to be the month of training for me. Currently, I am in a variable data training so that we can do print on demand right from a database or from a file that has formatted data. Next week I am off to San Francisco for an MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) training boot camp 14 days straight of 12 hour day and 7 tests on managing a Microsoft network YEA! Actually, I am really looking forward to the training but I am not too thrilled with the time away form the fam. Thank heavens for Vonage and free phone calls.

The caffeine thing is still going ok I went almost all day yesterday without fighting the desire to just throw in the towel for the whole mess and open one of the 30 or so cans that I have sitting in the garage (I have about 100 at work I had just loaded up before my foolish snap decision). That’s right cold turkey, and surrounded be the essence of life I AM THE MAN!!

PC 37/56