A Trip and Fall

So after attending the wonderful Brigham City Temple sessions @mrsangrygardner wanted, well she begged and plead, to go see the changing leaves.  I choose to go up American Fork Canyon. I have admit the reason was two fold

1. It is a beautiful canyon and a fun drive that starts along the river bed and the maple trees transitions to quakies and ends in Heber City.
2. There is a Cabelas on the way and I wanted to look at a gun. (Z day is coming 😐 )

So most of my pictures where done on @instagram and Chey used my Nikon.

I love Aspen trees. If it were possible I would plant a forest of them in my yard.  Maybe someday I will 🙂

Here are my shots from my “real” camera.

Maybe it was the change in altitude, but the next day I started a migraine that took me down for the next couple of days. Here I am laying in the dark with my sunglasses on to help me survive the experience. 🙁


As a bonus feature here are some of Chey’s pictures.

And here’s the fam 🙂

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