Totally Unwanted Effort

Totally Unwanted Effort

You may remember that early December I got a new job and a pay-raise to go with it.  Well, couple of weeks, things at work move slowly sometimes, ago I was told that all the paper work was finally done. I would finally be getting my raise and also back-pay from the first of the year.  So as soon as I heard that I did the necessary calculations and then went to Pictureline‘s website to start planning for the newest addition to my “glass” family; the coveted 105mm Nikor Micro lens.  Alas, my dear wife also started doing calculations as well, and determined that a new dishwasher was in order. But, but, but…. 🙁 I am never going to get that lens.

But we really did “need” a new dishwasher.  So I collapsed to the overwhelming  pressure of the responsibility of being a husband and father.  After doing some shopping around we found a good deal on a dishwasher.  I even went and measured the old dishwasher everything was going to be wonderful.

The day of delivery came and the great unboxing was upon us. I removed the old dishwasher and checked the connections. Connected the new washing machine.  Started pushing in the new one and… Wait what.. Why did it stop?? What the #@@%^ it can’t be too tall, oh wait it is. 🙁

The previous owners had put new tile into the kitchen and gone around the cabinets. Perfectly, acceptable  solution, except that it meant the cabinets were now 3/4 of an inch shorter than standard.  And don’t even ask me what I measured because I don’t know.  I then spent all of my free time for the next three days either grinding and chiseling out tile, lath, and thinset, or being completely frustrated with how the whole @#!!# !@%@!##$ process was going..  because deep down in my heart I KNEW that the installation of a Nikon lens onto a Nikon camera would have only taken 3 seconds max.  Oh well I guess clean dishes are worth something right????


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  1. …and if I have the slightest notion that Amber may be doing some calculations of her own, I’m spending the money before she has a chance to stop me!!! I’m sure she wouldn’t stay mad at me for too long. Deep down in her heart of hearts she knows that any purchase I make is solely based on family needs and is for nothing but the family’s benefit. I’m sure that at that point she would follow my lead and force the kids to do the dishes too!

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