Book Review: The Cause

Honesty up front:  The author is a friend and gave me a copy of his book.  Also I am not a book reviewer just some guy who wrote a review.

So I actually enjoyed this book. Which I will admit surprised me; I have read books for friends before, and well to be frank I would rather scrub my eyes with sandpaper than read some of them again. It helped that I am a big fan of books/movies that make me think about what would I do in the face of impossible choices.

The cause is set in a “perfect” world where one never is tired, never gets old, there is no crime, no hunger and every night is one big party. What would you do to have that? What would you give up to have that? Those are the key question that are central to the book.

The hero of the book was a fleshed out character who I really enjoyed following.  His story was compelling and interesting. However, other characters were more cut-outs and fairly generic.

Many thing that were critical to the plot where actual left vague and I think it was intentional. Really in life how many things do we depend on that we really don’t know how it work it just works.

It was a very easy read and once I was able to steal my daughters Kindle away from her for an evening I was able to read most of the book. The book does have need of a good editor as there are a few errors and grammatical problems throughout. Nothing serious and once I was latched onto the story I didn’t even notice them.

Overall, this I give this book 4 out of 5.  I really liked it.  The story was enjoyable, the main character was interesting, and it was an easy read.  The downsides are the editing problems and some of the side characters need a little fleshing out.

It is more than worth the $.99 that it will cost you at AMAZON.  To read more from Clint Stoker (LINK)

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