A Normal December Weekend

A Normal December Weekend

Busy, Busy Busy.

So the first Saturday in December went a little like this.  We had our ward Christmas party, a breakfast, so I had to get up early and cook the breakfast casserole that we had  signed up to cook. It was a blast, I spent some time getting some photos of the smaller kids adverse reaction to Santa. Funny stuff.

Later that evening we went to the Church History Museum for their program, A Pioneer Christmas. It was interesting learning about the activities that the went on in the early days of Utah. Even more interesting was the fact that I remembered doing some of the dances as a kid in the Oak City hall with my family. No I am not THAT old; just time flows a little different in small Utah towns. 😀

Of course, a trip to Temple Square will always be a photo trip so I had to stop several times to line up a couple of different shots. My favorite image of the night is this one from my phone.

But there is always time to take a couple of pix with the “big” camera. 🙂

All in all a truly great day 😀


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