Kids or funny they are in it for the here and now.  Parents are even funnier we support that behavior for as long as it is convenient.  Take this slide for example, he wanted go down it, and they were charging a freak’n dollar to go down a blowup slide.  ROBBERY!  So who do you think won the argument.  Guess what; I did. I gave him his choices he could go down the slide or get a treat. It is apparent what he chose.

Most of the evening I was spent with a friend from work’s family.  This little girl is a joy to see in motion.  You see I have literally held her heart in my hand, granted it was an experimental, mechanical heart at the time, but it was still life changing. Every time I see her I am reminded that miracles still happen, and they come in so many ways.  It can be our Heavenly Father himself intervening to prolong a sweet young life, the mercy and kindness of strangers giving at their time of greatest tragedy, and amazing minds, talents and dedication that so many people share with the world.  However they come to us I am reminded of the tender mercies of the Lord.


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