I posted this as part of my 365 challenge and thought I would post it here as well.
I watched a video a couple of days ago that has had me thinking, a lot. It has me asking “Why?” About everything I am doing. I know what I do, I know how I do it, but I want to figure out why. I hope that as I move to a why model many of the external things that frustrate me the most will start to frustrate me less.
I start with why matters. Why you do something influences how you do what you do. The easiest examples I can think of come from heroes in the comic books of my youth. If all you have to go by is the movies it may not make as much sense, but the concepts should remain.

Batman: Batman kept his real identity secret to protect Batman. No one would be afraid of Bruce Wayne in a Batman suit, but everyone was afraid of the Dark Knight. Why he did what he did was to strike fear into the bad guys.
Spiderman: Spidey was just the opposite of Batman. He wore the mask out of fear Peter Parker was afraid of his enemies discovering how he was and hurt those he loved. Why Spiderman did what he did was fear that he would let someone down like he let down his Uncle Ben. With great power come great responsibility.
The Fantastic Four: They didn’t keep their identities secret because they believed that as a team they were “Fantastic” they would always have each other back and protect each other and everyone around them. Why they did what they did, well because they were awesome and if they didn’t no one else could.
They all did basically the same thing, but how they were heroes was motivated by why they were heroes.

For today’s post I have used a picture of the Human Torch.
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If you are interested in the video here it is. If you offer any type of service I think that this is a great way to start setting yourself apart from the crowd.


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