Adventures In 105

Yeah this is way late, I mean way, way late.
I rented a 105mm macro lens for my daughter’s spring dance concert. I have rented several different lenes since I got my first camera, however, this was the first that I felt like it was a must have.

Here is a collection of pictures I was able capture in the short time that I had this amazing lens. If anyone wants to donate to the “Get Ryan A Lens Fund” I will be accepting cash all month. 😀

105mm f/11 1/60s

105mm f/8 1/15s

105mm f/4 1/80s

105mm f/2.8 1/640s

105mm f/18 1/320s

105mm f/22 6s

105mm f/20 1/4s

105mm f/8 1/125s

105mm f/36 1/40s

Oh who am I kidding, if you send me money any time I will take it. I will also try to post a little more regularly.


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  1. I was just wondering where the pictures from the dance concert are??? After all didn’t you say you rented the lens for that amazing event! Other than that your pictures look great:)

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