Tulips Days

I know I am not keeping this blog up to date.  My 365 Challenge (link to the right) is taking all of my blog fodder.  Yesterday the Family and I met up with my sister-in-law after a baby shower for my step-sister.  The baby shower was in Nephi and so there are a couple of pictures from there.  Then it was off to Thanksgiving Point and Tulip Days.  I thought it was a little over priced @ 38 dollars for just an hour (we got there an hour before closing).  But the photo opportunities were countless.  We did have a blast.  Afterwards we went to JCWs for burgers it was awesome.  Here are some of my pictures.

85mm f/22 1/15s

180mm f/32 1/20s

50mm f/4 1/2000s

35mm f/22 1/5s

50mm f/22 1/5s

50mm f/22 1/5s

50mm f/22 1/2s

50mm f/22 1s

50mm f/22 1s

50mm f/22 1/13s on camera flash @1/128 power to light the blossoms


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  1. Nice! I really like the cobblestone and blossom images especially. Seeing your pictures makes me kind of sad….I couldn’t save a single image.

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