Why Angry??

I add a new “about me” page.  It is lame I know but I have been wanting to have one for a while.  You can find it in the bar right above the calendar labeled “Why Angry??”

2 responses to “Why Angry??”

  1. you crack me up!
    How did I not know you community gardened???
    Laughing at microsoft spell check.. yah, I think I’ll blame them for my spelling issues as well.. good idea. hee. hee

    Did I tell you I have a garden too?…. I call it FARMERS MARKET. it’s fabulous..it’s like I didn’t have to do anything and the fruits and vegi’s magically appear ready for my choosing…..

    Better luck with your garden this year, May your tomatoes be bright and ripe and beautiful.( even tho’ I think tomatoes are gross.)

    • I have started to try out that thing you call “Farmers Market” unfortunately they all kind of suck here.

      I think I actually started the gardening thing after you started at the cookie place. So we weren’t hanging out as much as we should have been 🙁

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