My First Official Protrait Sitting

So I had a “client” (the lady who let me buy my camera) tell me that she wanted pictures done of her two year old son.  I was very happy to accommodate her with this request.  I am SUPER happy with how the pictures turned out.  I learned a couple of things: like it is really tough to shoot for the crop (we wanted 8X10s), and getting lighting right is very tricky, but it is everything.  These are all SOOC and a couple I don’t even think I will need to play with.  The setup was very simple, a white bedspread taped to the wall in the living room that has a south facing window, a white cardboard reflector, and a speed light for fill.

28mm f/4.5 1/60s

40mm f/5.6 1/60s

32mm f/4.8 1/60s

24mm f/4.0 1/60s


2 responses to “My First Official Protrait Sitting”

  1. First of all..
    He’s adorable! I am in love with those golden curls.. cut them and I’ll cry!
    Second.. I see soo much of you! He’s cutie!

    I think you did a great job on his portraits! My fav is probably the one with the stuffed elephant and close second is of him standing. Why I like them is first of the elephant one really shows good color on the those gorgeous blue eyes.And great closeups of all his features, which is what people love to see.
    The second one I think I like it because it shows him how we would all see him.. look’n down upon him which is adorable and endearing!
    way to go!

    I love shooting people, especially kids, cause man… you just never know.

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