This Is The Way It Is..

This is how I have been feeling….

35mm f/3.5 1/60s
This is how I want to feel…

35mm f/2.8 1/30s

To Recap

This is a what I am feeling..

200mm f/32 1/30s
Why can’t it be this way??

35mm f/14 4s


One response to “This Is The Way It Is..”

  1. You know, I HEAR ya! maybe “mercury is in retrograde” or something?! But I love your pictures they are fabulous! ALL of them.
    As I was trying to take some shots tonight of some different things. It dawned on me why I NEVER dink around ( does anybody even use the word “dink” anymore?….if not, I think I should bring it back)
    with my camera, I always have kids and the family with me. who think they should be in all the shots, or that I should just hurry up and shoot so we can move on.
    Looks like it’s time for me to run away.( sigh, yeah right)
    Ah well..
    hope you find your “merry mojo” here soon!

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