The photos for the Decorations theme are up.  If you still want your picture in please feel free to still get it to me I will always put them up. Next week the theme is Traditions.

In the spirit of the theme I thought I would post a picture of the Decorations that adorn my office space.

30mm f/4 1/160s
1. Red Hat is what I wish I could be doing 90% of the time at work.  It is actually 0-1%.
2. Hammer.  there is no computer problem that can’t be “fixed” >:)
3.  Moutain Dew.  Why else.

As a side note check out the video that Nicoleys did for the Lensbaby event that was earlier in November at PictureLine here in Salt Lake.  See if you see anyone you know.  Hint: not me. (Link)


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