Photography Is Your Name

And frustration is your game.
Last night I went to Temple Square to take some pictures.  I went alone so that I could take all the time I needed.  Anyway, I waited 40 minutes in the church office “plaza” waiting for the following shot to clear of people.  40 minutes in the rain/snow standing in one place worrying if my battery is going to die before getting to take to the picture I want, worrying about the rain getting on the camera, 40 minutes of kids running WAY TOO close to my setup.  At one point two people in an empty plaza just stood in the middle of my shot for 10 freaking minutes for no reason what so ever.  The plaza cleared of people, and I was able to finally get my shot.
35mm f/25 8s
Can the class tell my what is wrong with the above picture.  That is right. It is out of FREAKING FOCUS.  ARRRRGH.  I was in such a rush I hit the shutter release instead of using the remote.  This caused the camera to shake and blew the whole picture. By this point the battery was gone so no chance to try again. I will try again later in the week.

I did get one picture that I am in love with.  Not because it is a great picture but because it told a deep story to me. 
90mm f/4.5 1s

This is the Father from the Mormon Handcart monument near the Assembly Hall.  Look at it as big as you can.  It appears to be sweating and crying as he is pulling his cart.  As soon as I saw it I felt like it was saying to me “You are here on my shoulders.”  Anyways, it was meaningful to me.


3 responses to “Photography Is Your Name”

  1. you know, the out-of-focusness…i actually like it…it’s like the spirit of the place rather than the details. so, all things for a reason. i’ve had a bad week and your pictures helped make it a smidge better so, thanks ryan. my best to you and yours.

  2. Oh man! how frustrating for you! That would piss me off, quite frankly.. And I’m terrible at making sure my battery is charged before heading out.. and I’ve screwed myself over countless of times because of that! I’m sorry it didn’t work… you know what they say… can’t win’em all right?

    the second picture is pretty cool.. I’ve never seen this one in person. But I always find it interesting what touches people.

    I haven’t given my camera even a second glance these past couple weeks. I’m pretty sure it feel neglected, my usb port is shorting out on me which makes it hard to get them downloaded to the computer, so I think why bother? Hopefully I’ll find my picture taking mojo here soon!
    I haven’t gotten around to commenting on the photo contest either, but the pictures are so awesome and I love seeing them!

  3. This year for Christmas you should buy yourself a new battery! Sorry that I have been a slacker the last two weeks. Yesterday our internet was DEAD and the week before I was too wrapped up in chemistry to think of anything else. I am glad that I finished!

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