Thanksgiving is Better Than Christmas

There I said it! Here is why
1. The day after. Let’s face it who looks forward to the day after Christmas. However, a turkey sandwhich made the day after Thanksgiving.  I look forward to that all year!
2. No pressure. OK, maybe a little pressure the turkey can’t be dry, but it is nothing compared to who gets what.
3. No decorations! Nuff said.
4. All about the right things. Thanfulness, food, and people we care about. Sure, Christmas is supposed to be about that and we spend time in the right areas. However, there is always the noise from the commercial side of things.
5. Did I mention the food. Oh the food.
6. It is the beginng of the holidays. The beginning is always better than the end right.

Just so it is understood I am not a hater. I just like Thanksgiving better.

That is my list agree/disagree let me know. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and etc. etc.

2 responses to “Thanksgiving is Better Than Christmas”

  1. Well you can’t really argue with sound logic…… I too love thanksgiving.. oh the left overs that keeps me out of the obligation to prep a meal for at least a week!
    I love the kick off and I love the wind down of the holidays.
    Hope you had a great thanksgiving! and your Turkey was as awesome as mine was.. ( and it was.. awesome.. god bless Alton Brown and his brine theory)

    • Yeah I think that Alton should get a Noble prize for his turkey recipe. It changed my Thanksgiving forever. My turkey brine is actually posted here. . It did not turn out perfect this year my thermometer is a little flaky and I pulled it form the oven a little late. I wasn’t bad just not perfect like it sounds like yours was.

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