These Are a Few of My Favorite Things……

Stace (link) inspired me….

My Camera

I never planned on having a new obsession in life.  However, when my wife and I decided that we needed a new camera to photograph the kids’ activities….  Well, I think everyone knows what the outcome of that was.

Wüsthof 8inch chef’s knife

I love prepping with this.  I recently got it sharpened and it is heavenly.  I know people love their gadgets, but a good sharp knife is essential.

The Immersion stick-blender

Absolutely nothing better for making soups.  Just stick it in the pan you are making the soup in and blend. I remember the days of trying to dump a boiling pot of goodness into the top of a regular blender and having 9-1 already dialed just in case.

My Kitchen-Aid

This is a masterpiece of American engineering.  I love it for pizza dough, cookies, whipped cream, and mashed potatoes.  I want the bigger badder model so that I can make ice-cream in mine.  I love the meat grinder and sausage stuffer attachment.  Oddly enough, I think that I remember being mocked in the Tyco break-room by someone who just could not accept that a mixer was cool.

My Dewalt tool set.

Just in case we all forget I do have a Y chromosome.  I love the 18v rechargeable set and also the air compressor.  When I could stop sending the kids next door to pump up their bike tires I knew I was on to something great.

Dell Laptop

I have had 4 of these and have loved every one of them.  My current on is an XPS m1530 and it is an awesome computing machine. People ask me what kind of computer to buy my answer is always the same “Get a Dell”  I am also very fond of my Mac tower.

PS The song is DEFINITELY NOT one of my favorite things.  In fact it probably rates pretty high on the other list.  Also, it is in no way a Christmas song so stop playing it!!!!!

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  1. I am with you completely on the camera and the Kitchen Aid… will have to look into the hand held blendy thingy. Never owend a laptop in my life! And don’t have enought testostrone in my body to get excited over a dewalt. But your right, sharp knives are a must!
    I think your list is awesome!

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