Good Thursday

Yesterday was a good day; nigh unto a great day. It started with me finally getting to thumb through my new book Good Eats: The Early Years. If you are a fan of Good Eats I HIGHLY recommend this book. It is full of Good Eats style information and Alton’s quirky humor.
After a entirely frustrating day of trying to get Vista (or as I refer to it Microsoft’s suckiest piece of suck that ever sucked) to apply the security patches. I had just given up when we actually had a couple of regional big wigs from Microsoft show up at work. I just went off, and took every shot I could at them. They were really good-natured about it, but I felt great about being able to take out my Microsoft frustration on an actual person from their management.
That night I finally got to attend a photowalking utah meeting. What an awesome time. Good, nice, happy, people. My kind of crowd ☺. I will try to post more on the meeting later although I am sure I will not be able to capture the energy, intelligence, and fun that it was.

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