Stars and Stones

No photowalk for you….

There is a Photowalking group in Utah, oddly enough named Photowalking Utah. I have wanted to go and attend one of these.  Last month I had to “help” someone move, only they never showed up so I sat on the doorstep waiting and watching the time go by.  This month there was a walk in downtown Salt Lake, while I was, and am not interested in architectural photography I want to go to get ideas and make contacts.  Well we had a Make-A-Wish party for the daughter of a friend at work, and I had planned on being dropped off at the walk and when it was over catch a bus home.  Well, we got done with the party and got downtown to drop me off and I couldn’t find my wallet, which I KNEW that I had at the party.  After driving back and looking high and low for the wallet I gave up, and drove home to find it on my nightstand (compliments of your friendly neighborhood idiot).  There is one next week (on Food Photography the area I am most interested in) that I don’t know if I will be able to go to since I will have a pretty heavy duty training going on that week.  It’s like the heavens and earth are conspiring against me. 

I am actually worried that somehow I am sabotaging myself.  The thought of going out and meeting new people make me a little sick to my stomach.  As all of the regular readers of my blog know, my people skills take a little getting used to, and I am always worried that I will say the wrong thing to the wrong person.  Well because experience has shown me that I will.  Anyway, that is way to much self-inspection for one post.

20mm f/9 1/320s Taken outside of Pictureline the greatest photostore in the world.

Also Stars and Stones is a quote from my favorite author, Jim Butcher, and his The Dresden Files series. If you ever want a good series both Dresden Files (it starts out a little rough but at book three it really takes off) and the Codex Alera (which quite possibly is my all time favorite set of books) make some GREAT reads.

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  1. I hope you find a way to go. I really want to go to it and have blocked my schedule out so that I can go…the true question: Will my car be able to make it?

    When you rent a lens for pictureline, do you do it online or in person?

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