YEAH!!!!!!! Lenses

66mm f/4.2 1/60s Dewalt work light to the right side, entryway spot light behind, and pop-up flash with diffuser

So this week has been a lens week.  I have been saving and was able to get two lenses.  I got a replacement for the one that is RIPing.  I have been watching the ads on KSL just waiting to pounce on a good deal and I found one.  The 18-55 AF-S VR for fifity buck off I was thrilled it was brand freaking new.  When I went to pick up the that one the girl and I got talking and she let me see her D80 (I am soooooo jealous Stace) with an attached 35mm f1.8 prime lens which I immediately fell in love with it is a super fast lens that actually will auto-focus on my camera and the focal length is perfect for inside of my house.  I know it is a geeky photo, but I wanted to try out some lighting ideas that I I have had and this was a great chance to learn.


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