Self Protrait/Smiles

It has been a pretty craptastic week.  I can’t sleep.  Thing at work have not been going great.  I still am not feeling great, although that has been improving.  Any ways I have been thinking of a couple of different blog entries for the week, but have not had the real desire to write anything sooo with 15 mintues before Pam and Jim get married here has made me smile this week.
Mountain Dew
The fam
Hearing and singing along with the following songs (I don’t advocate any of the actions in these songs I just love to sing them.  Beware the language is a little crass as well)

  • Beer Run
  • It’s a great day
  • Tramua to the groin>

Kill’n zombies

Hulu: Otherwise I would have missed Castle and Lie To Me (a couple of my favorite shows)

Maybe I will edit this some more aftere the Office.
Ok I added to the list:
Jim’s Toast
Andy’s splits
Keven’s shoes
Jim’s tie

One response to “Self Protrait/Smiles”

  1. Crappy weeks suck don’t they? Looks like you found away to express that. HA!
    Office last night was awesome. And I agree to all of the above.
    I too like Lie To Me. Have a new fav which you would probably like as well, which is Big Bang Theory I’d send you after Glee but not sure if you’d like it or not.(I think it’s hilarious.)

    Oh my shows are growing out of control. I now have policy of no phone calls after 7:45 p.m. due to that. Sad? Maybe….. But it is what it is.

    Well hopefully this week will go better… Or you can just adopt the term BOHICA (Bend.Over.Here.It.Comes.Again)

    P.s love your blog photo!

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