Tragic Happening

I went to try and get pictures for this weeks theme. As I was driving
I had to hit the brakes a little harder than I would have liked.
Well, the camera that was on the seat next to me went flying. The
camera is OK but my wide angle lens is DOA. After saying a couple of
happy words I tried to carry on, but my heart just was not in it
anymore. I am pretty bummed. RIP little lens our time together was
too short.

In lieu of flowers the family asks that cash be sent directly to me.

4 responses to “Tragic Happening”

  1. Oh that sucks! But I’m curious.. . .don’t you do the hand extended to ensure your camera’s saftey every time you even tap your breaks?( I believe in male terms it was called a “break check”.) And.. why wasn’t it wearing it seat belt???
    No seriously tho’ that soo sucks! RIP wide angle.

    • Maybe I should explain better.
      There were two morons involved in the tragic death of my lens. The moron in the car that swerved into my lane of traffic and the moron that left his camera laying on top of the camera bag. I did not even have time to think about the camera, and really I was happy to have been able to avoid a bad accident. Now that the rush has worn off I wonder if a wreck and an insurance claim might not have been the ticket to a new camera. Just kidding 🙂

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