Okay so the news is out the gig is up you finally found me…… I apparently am a renegade, but not perfect (styx reference).
Problems with the Photo Challenge Page
The link on the original post was to the wrong address, I have fixed that. The layout to leave a comment sucked. So I have changed that. I am still trying to change the look and feel of the web site so that it doesn’t have that ugly stark white look. Send any feedback to photos@angrygardner.com
Sorry to anyone that lost a comment because of an “invalid” email address.

3 responses to “Hiccups”

  1. LOL! I’ll let it slide just this once. But I expect you to be a perfect computer nerd from here on out yo!
    I found it with a click of a button. So it looks like you’ve worked your magic. Now I’m going to go see if it will accept my comments!

  2. hey ryan –
    i’ve got a technical question for you:
    milt’s gone all camera on me and we wondered what type you have and what you think is good/bad/ugly. …doesn’t everyone love the chance to speak their peace on their obsession? well, here’s your chance!

    • Sorry I took so long. I had to let the head swelling go down.
      I love Nikons from the point and shoot all the way up to the pro DSLRs.
      The number one reason for my love of Nikon is their glass (lenses) they make the best lenses that there are.
      I have a Nikon D40 which is the lowest level DSLR with (until this week) three lenses the 18-55mm this is for wide angle and inside the house, My 55-200mm (11.1x zoom) I was able to get some really good sports shots and dance recitals where the movement was was my primary use lens it seemed to have the best pictures. I also bought a 50mm lens that had to be manually focused on my camera. I spent $500 for the camera and two lenses and the 50mm was another $150. That being said I am seriously looking to upgrade to a nicer camera.

      That is what has worked for me. There are as many opinions as there are people taking photographs. What does he want to do with it. That is what drives the questions/answers.

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