Photo Challenge Reminder

I am still really excited for the challenge.  The First AG Photo challenge theme is Summer’s Fun find a picture that means summer’s fun to you.  We already have three entries (okay two are mine) and I am VERY VERY VERY hopeful for more to pour in during the weekend.  Email entries with a photo and what about it you like about that photo to  I will post them Sunday at then feel free to comment and post questions.

2 responses to “Photo Challenge Reminder”

  1. Well I got a fun lil surprise in the mail today!! Made me laugh! But since you took care of my ” lame A” excuse.. I will see if I have any summer worthy photo’s.I’m still not commiting!

  2. i’m a point-and-shoot kindof girl (no surprise, i’m sure) so your artsy-fartsiness out-classes me but i’ll be here cheering you all on & thinking that one of these days when i get some money and some time, i’ll try and be cool too:)

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