Me Tarzan..

At the camp site there is a couple of rope swings a crossed the little creek.  The kids spent all day Saturday on that thing.  Me. I spend 5 mins and I feel like I need an ambulance for the next three days.  Me Tarzan…Me hurt.

55mm f/22 1/30s

55mm f/22 1/30s
The rest of camp was a ton of fun.  I got quite a few pictures that I am happy with.  We were able to spend some time with family.   Maybe next year we can plan it so that more people are there.  Chey and I went on a hike or two.  I was really sad to leave.

31mm f/22 1/6s

26mm f/22 1/6s

42mm f/20 1/3s
I love water. It is used to make Mt. Dew. I also love to take pictures of water, it gives me a feeling of zen.

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