Can I even call it camping any more?  Since we got our trailer our definition of camping has changed dramatically.  I still eat food that is not doctor approved, the kids still get dirty and in trouble for playing in the fire, I still listen to the radio, okay so what if it is an internet radio station and my generator is powering the whole thing. The fundamentals are the same.

Over the weekend -long weekend- I took Friday and Monday off.  We went to Maple Grove again for our September Camping trip.   It was alot, ALOT, of fun.  The weather was great, heck it was basically perfect.  Low 80’s during the day and probally 60’s at night.  We started off the weekend going to a fund-raiser in Fillmore for Primary Childrens Medical Center called Applefest it was pretty fun.  By the time we got back to camp there was only time to set the beds up and go to sleep.  Heck I barely had time to check classified to see if there were any screaming deals on camera gear.

This picture was a complete experiment.  I have been reading about rear-sync flash.  Where as the shutter closes the flash fires.  Any way I am reasonably happy with it other than there is ALOT of noise that can’t figure out where it came from (ISO 200 for those of you with the quick easy answer).  If you want to see a REALLY cool picture using some awesome flash technique check out this picture from Scott Smith.

55mm f/11 498.40s rear-sync flash


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