Adventures At the Utah State Fair

or I Hate Carnies (all of them, but the ones from Fillmore, thems I love)

The kids got free tickets to the state fair this year.  Christy demanded that we go.  It was clear that I had no choice.  She did say the magic words, “You could probably get some pictures, and see the results of the photography contest.”   After, walking the midway getting heckled by the @#% carnies, Yes I am cheap I am not going to throw darts at a fricking balloon to win yet another stuffed animal for the kids.  Anyway the kids got their free rides and we did have fun.  I was able to get a picture that I think is OK, but after seeing the pictures that were entered in the fair I’m not so sure. 

190mm f/25 1/10s
What the crap.  One man’s garbage I guess.

55mm f/5.6 1/125s


One response to “Adventures At the Utah State Fair”

  1. Who plays those rigged games anyway??? We don’t! If they want another stuffed animal, I prefer just to go by it at the store!
    Sounds just like you to throw a fit and have a good time anyway! ha! ha!
    I think photography is like any other art. weather it be drawing, painting, etc. etc.. you think yours is pretty good till you sneak a peak at the persons next to you. Can’t tell you how many times in art class I felt like I was onto something and loving mine, till I looked over to a much more talented person.. I would then waddle up the paper and trash all my hard work in pure frustration! But with photo’s usually it’s more personal for me.. so even if the others are better. ( which.. they usually are.) I still have emotional attachements to mine. So it’s all good.
    I like your picture, I love how you got the shadow of the ride in the sunset. Very cool~

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