Angry Gardner Photo Challenge

(I stole this picture. I feel very similar, alot)

Ok so anyone who has been reading this blog knows that I might have picked up a little hobby (some, my wife, might call it an addiction.  Tomāto Tomäto).  Anyways and anyhows, I have decided to do a photo challenge, and I am asking, ok well BEGGING,  you guys to participate.  And so help me a lame A excuse like I don’t have a card reader just ain’t gonna fly.

1. Have fun with this.  This is meant to push you so that you are looking for that one picture.  However, life is busy and hey somtimes crap happens.  So don’t stress if that picture doesn’t show just throw something up that you like.
2. Be creative, be very creative (spoken like Yoda).  With both the pictures and your interpretation of the theme.  If you don’t like food photography take a picture of someone eating or vice versa.
3. Include picture information.  Story and camera technical details.  This is about learning and teaching.
4. Really, this only applies to me, but be nice.  No one here is a pro, okay one is but she is really nice and didn’t need that admonition.
5. Try to get the pictures in by the deadline.  Sunday night so that I can get everything posted for Monday.
6. Try to take the pictures in the theme week.  If you don’t lie and pretend that you did, I know I will.

09/27/09    Summer’s Fun (This is open.  Use any pic from the summer)
10/04/09    Fall Colors
10/11/09    Conference (choose something that was talked about in general conference.)
10/18/09    Harvest’s End
10/25/09    Soup’s On
11/01/09    Halloween
11/08/09    Sugar Rush
11/15/09    Open for suggestion
11/22/09    Leaves
11/29/09    Gobble Gobble
12/06/09    Lights
12/13/09    Decorations
12/20/09    Traditions
12/27/09    The Aftermath

Finally, there will be a prize. Probably, a  gift (read small unless I hit the big time) certificate to Pictureline or an online photo place.  I don’t know right now how that will be given, probably the most active participant.  Or a group voted best picture.  I just don’t know.

I will be setting up a separate web-space for the challenge at  Email photos to I am impressed with everyone’s talent and hope to that you are as excited as I am, hell I just hope I am not alone in this.

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  1. But I can’t function with out my card reader!
    I’ll have to see if I have anything worthy of your contest…..I make no commitment.. But does sound like a fun challenge to get humbled on….hmmm. I think you should Post all the entrees so we can see! I like to see what people do!

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