Parenting, What a Drag

So Tuesday night I took Chey to dance and while she was in dancing tried to be a photographer.  It is a learning curve.  Here are some of the experiments I took.  There is not much to look at in “downtown” west valley.

50mm f/5.0 1/100s

50mm f/6.3 1/160s

50mm f/6.3 1/160s

50mm f/6.3 1/160s

As we were driving home I was listening to the radio, and Black in Black.  Side note:  I have always thought life would be better with a sound track.  Everyone knew that Darth Vader was a bad dude because when he entered the room there was DA-DA-DA-DADA-DA-DA-DA-DU (whatever don’t judge me).  I, also, thought that Black in Black was my theme song.  I don’t know, don’t ask.  So I thought that it was time to see how loud the stereo would go, it goes pretty loud.  Chey started screaming at me from the back seat.  “Dad I’m trying to read the Book of Mormon here, and you are making it impossible.”  Sigh, how do you argue with that,  she is in Ether I think.  I shudder to think when she is going to ask how old I was when I first read the BOM cover to cover.  I have really good kids. 


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  1. I like your photo’s! the rain and puddle is probably my favorite. In fact it makes me smile of good ol past time fun.
    Laughing at your music situation.. your kids MUST take after Christy… well if nothing else they’ll keep you on the straight and narrow right?!
    Isn’t it s’posed to be the other way around.. you telling her to turn down her music??.. that’s pretty whacked! hee. hee.

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