Cascade Springs

18mm f/22 1/60s flash diffused with white paper

I am finding more and more that I need, I mean really neeeeed to get out and take pictures, and when I can’t I get really surly.  Last Saturday I was walking out the door with the kids to go to Cascade Springs, up American Fork Canyon and get some pictures.  As the kids were buckling into the car the Elders Quorum president called to help someone move in, yeah.  I’ll go where you want me to go.  Anyway, yesterday I called Christy on the way home and told her I was coming home and then leaving to take pictures immediately and anyone that wanted to come should be on the photo train.  I was expecting 2, 3 hours max, but in the end it was about 5 hours. I got lost in Mill Valley trying to get to Heber City and then home, but Logan (he was the only one ready to go when I left) finally made it.

32mm f/22 1.5s

38mm f/29 .625s

30mm f/4.2 1/20s

18mm f/6.3 1/160s flare was intended

55mm f/4 1/25s I photoshopped the sky to make it look better


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