Tonight I Lost a Pint

of blood that is.  So last night as I was coming home from work late, again.  I noticed the sunset was amazing, and remembered that California is burning again.  So tonight I decided to go to the Great Salt Lake Marina and get some sunset pictures.  It was the first time I had scouted a location and had come prepared, exciting I know. So I got there and set up for the shoot. Christy had told me that there was bug spray in the car so I did not worry about it to much. As I was there waiting I saw a couple of mosquitoes, no big deal. I thought that they must spray hardcore or the mosquitoes can’t grow in salt water so I am good. So I got this shot, (I would have liked to be lower but the gates were locked) and decided to move closer to the waters edge.

31mm f/29 1/2s
About when I got to the point of no return the bug came at me like geeks to Mark Hamill. I’m pretty sure I looked like a crazy person, I would hit the shutter on the camera and then run away flapping my arms like I was preparing for flight. When I got home I looked like I had a very bad case of chicken pox, I had bites on every square 1/2 inch of my body, my lips were swollen up I had bites on eye lids.  It was bad, really bad. Christy says that it was too bad we didn’t take a picture; me, I was just glad that I had lived through it.

The kicker of the deal was I didn’t get any pictures I was in love with. I am on the fence about this one what do you think.

18mm f/22 10s


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