Orange Glazed Habby-Chops

With grilled Steak-Fries

I had been plotting this reciepe for a while and it turned out as good as I had hoped.

Good thick pork chops are a must for this. Oil, Salt, and Pepper generously and bring to room temp.
Grill directly over very hot coals for 2 minutes on each side to get a good crust on the outside.  Then move to a part of the grill that has indirect heat to finish the cooking.
Serve hot and with a dollop (it looks more like a glob, but that would just not sound appetising of the Orange-Habanero Honey Butter.

Orange-Habanero Honey Butter
2 warm sticks of butter
1 cup of good Honey (something that turns to a solid when left alone)
The zest of one orange
Mix everything together, and enjoy on just about anything.

As a side note the grilled steak fries are done using the same technique as the pork chops execpt in reverse.  Use a low indirect heat to cook them until they are done and then put on the high heat to get the color.

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